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3 Things You Can Do With a VPN


If you're not familiar with a virtual privacy network (VPN) and you've just heard of them, you may think they're just for survivalists with a stockpile of food in their basements waiting for the zombie apocalypse.

Nothing could be further from the truth. VPNs are handy tools to have that allow you to do much more than just hide your IP address. VPNs are used by businesses to connect remote employees and keep their virtual networks secure from hackers. Here's three other things you can do with a VPN you may not have heard of (unless you're a loyal reader and I hope you are).

Watch content not available in your country. For example if you're away at school in the UK you won't be able to watch some of your favorite shows from the US with a UK IP address. With a VPN you can choose a US location and watch your shows in real time. On the flip side if you live in the US and are a diehard BBC fan, some of the shows they air across the pond just aren't available on BBC America.

With a VPN and a UK location you can see the new Dr. Who episodes as they air in the UK. Also the UK has some terrific bingo and gambling sites that US IP addresses can not access because of US gaming laws. With a VPN you can play on all of the new and exciting UK gaming sites to win some big money.

Stop companies from tracking your internet use. Just about every company that does business on the internet tracks your usage in order to target specific audiences. They watch the sites you surf, count how many times you log into sites, and then send you those pesky spam emails. With a VPN you can just about eliminate anyone's ability to track your internet usage.

Give hackers a major headache. A secure VPN connection creates a tunnel for your data to travel through. Even if hackers can intercept your information, all they will see is gibberish. A VPN encrypts your data so that unless the NSA is looking at your information, it is useless to most hackers.

This will protect your user names and passwords for your bank account, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and your credit card information when you make purchases online. VPNs also keep hackers from accessing your email accounts and gleaning private information about you.


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