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Access Blocked Websites in China


Best VPNs in China

The most frustrating thing about living in China is that every cool or useful website that you want to visit turns out to be blocked, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, IMDb or YouTube.

The internet in China is best for “killing time”, and useful sites, educational sites, or creative sites just don't have a place.  If you want to get anything done other than chat on QQ, you've got to find a way to access blocked websties in China.


The only easy way to access blocked websites in China by using web based proxy servers or virtual private networks.


Start Unblocking Websites Now


Some prefer proxies, and others prefer using VPNs instead. Yes most of them require a fee to be paid, and not all times is this fee minimal. Both can be 100% reliable – it just depends on the brand you choose. The smartest and the safest approach is to find a blog from a user actually in China, and find out how they unblock web sites. All the encryption in the world can't be beat by usability.

Free proxies should be avoided as many of them are run by hackers or governments.  Not all of them, but there's more than a few that use your IP info to send out spam. They are also simple to block, and you'll find that a lot of the links in forums and posts from 2009 when this was a hot topic around the world, are now dead. But not all proxies are unsafe, and are still a great choice for some users.


How to access blocked websites in China:



With a Virtual Private Network


The most efficient and effective way access blocked websites in China is by using VPNs.  They secure you're entire internet connection, meaning that all software and programs running on your computer are encrypted and using a non-Chinese IP address.

The main downsides would be that you can't use them on many smartphones in China, and it's a pain to use them anywhere but at home.  Because of their advanced security features, they must be installed.

You're limited to one license per device, and while it's possible to download them on multiple computers, if you're using them at work and school, you run the risk of others using them at the same time as you, and blocking you from using your own VPN service.  Do you really want to have to install and uninstall a VPN every time you want to unblock sites in China at work, and internet bar, or wherever you access the net away from home? I don't.


Sound like you need a VPN? I suggest PandaPow  They have a proven track-record in China, have a fast and reliable VPN service, it's easy to install, and PP works across all standard PC/Mac/Smartphones.


PandaPow Full Review


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With a Web Based Proxy


Web based proxies make up for what VPN's lack – that is the freedom to use them wherever, and whenever.  Because they're accessed from your web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE), you just have to connect to the net, open your email inbox, and click on the link.  This means that you can get them at work, school, friends computers, and even public places.

One the browser is closed, other users won't be able to get your link, and there's nothing to uninstall.  This also means that you'll be able to access blocked websites in China on your iPhone or Android phone, which is pretty cool.

As mentioned above however, there are some disadvantages.  They only secure you web browser, they're less secure, and it can be a pain to have to browse with the secure browser instead of whatever you're used to.   You can't choose your server location, and you won't be able to access sites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Pandora.

SecuriTales Logo

If is sounds like a web based proxy is what you're looking for, Securitales is the way to go. Not only are they still operating in China despite recent upgrades to The GFW, they're a well known, trusted service that you know won't abuse your IP data. They keep you anonymous at super fast speeds, and they're only $6 USD a month.

Oh yes, and there's a FREE TRIAL.


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My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN

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