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Access Tr3s Anywhere

Tr3s LogoTr3s is a real treat for those who enjoy Latin American music and cultural content. The connection was flawless until we went to Mexico, where we couldn’t access the site. So what happened? The problem is that, unfortunately, you can’t access Tr3s anywhere outside the U.S. Tr3s can recognizet your IP address and the site limits access to those in the U.S. due to international legal agreements. So, if you are located outside the USA, you can make use of the following trick to unblock Tr3s outside of the U.S., all that in a completely legal manner.


The first step is to choose a virtual private network service. Such a service lets you log into U.S.-based servers in order to give you a U.S. IP address. There are many VPN services, such as Hide My Ass, that provide their services at a low monthly rate. Once you have selected a service and installed their application, you’re just a click away from an American IP address. VPNs are the easiest and most convenient way for you to access Tr3s anywhere. They allow you to listen to your favorite Latin American music virtually around the globe.


+Recommended VPN Service for Tr3s

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