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Can You Actually Get A VPN for BlackBerry?

vpn for blackberry


BlackBerry is one of the popular Smartphone brands available in the market. Favored by business executives and professionals, it is specifically preferred due to its ability to send and receive messages and push email in a highly secured manner. Besides performing function as a phone, BlackBerry is also designed to function as a gaming device, personal digital assistant, portable media player and camera. BlackBerry is also popular due to its messenger service, BBM.

Blackberry   is also considered to be popular with high profile people such as government forces, president and several important dignitaries. The phone is helpful to keep in touch with your loved ones and friends. Email, text message, phone, and access to social networks is quite easy with a BlackBerry phone.

VPN service offers more than just protecting your data and providing secured environment while surfing the Internet. It happens several times, you are denied access to the content just because you are from a different geographical area. A VPN service can be helpful in this scenario.

Your VPN service can let you select an IP address that is allowed by the site you want to access to. One of the biggest advantages of using VPN service is the data transmitted is only accessible to the authorized user.  The information is encoded before transmission and decoded only when it reaches the authorized user.

The VPN service is useful for businesses also as they can establish an interconnection between their offices located in different cities. Also, VPN can also enable their remote employees, affiliates, vendors and other business partners connect to their corporate network in a secured way.  VPN guarantees that the data sent through the Internet is protected as sending it over a Local Area Network.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of services that offer VPNs for Blackberry because they just don't support them (surprisingly). I've asked several times of my top rated VPN services and a few have said “It's on the way”. I would check with them, especially 12VPN because they tend to support more devices than other VPN services.

My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN

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