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Can You Watch Hulu in The UK?


Please Visit The Updated Hulu in the UK Post.


Hulu VPN


This question is one that's been hanging on the lips of American TV fans in The UK since the launch of the site in 2008.  Despite all the razzing we get from Brits about how empty our American culture is, American TV is as popular as ever around the world, and especially in English speaking countries like Canada, Australia, South Africa, and The UK, the demand for Hulu access is high.

Back in 2008, a site called Hotspot Shield quickly.Everyone used it, and everyone knew it.

But as most great things, it didn't last long.  Hulu quickly caught on to this loop hole, and blocked not only Hotspot Shield, but also all proxy access to the site.  So what's the deal now? Can you catch Hulu in The UK?

Yes, it's still available through a VPN.  A VPN works much like a proxy in that it changes your IP address. It's an anonymous surfing tool used by porn addicts and hackers all over the world to hide from authorities and their wives, but lots of normal people use it too – it can be used to hide from hackers and other advertising tracking systems that infect your computer with, “BUY NOW” malware and the like.  It works for us because it can give us an American IP address – if the VPN server is located in The US of course.

After connecting to the VPN server in The USA and receiving your temporary American IP address, you will then be able to watch Hulu.


My current VPN Recommendation is HideMyAss! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.