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Can’t Watch Hulu With a VPN (solution)


I've found that some users recently have run into a bit of a problem with watching Hulu with a VPN.  Technology is funny sometimes, but don't worry, Hulu is still accessible with a VPN.  These methods to be effective in regaining access to Hulu.


1. Change servers, change IP's – This is easier to do for users with vpn services that allow for free server switching like HMA and 12vpn.  There are rumors that Hulu blocks High Traffic IP addresses as anonymous proxies.  Even though that's not really likely, you can switch it up, just in case.

2. Flush your DNS – IP address info is stored in your DNS cache. If you've accessed Hulu's site with a non-American IP, they may remember who you are and block you even though you're browsing with a different IP address now

3. Clear your cookies – Cookies stored in your browser also store information about previous Hulu sessions. If Hulu got a whiff of your Non-American IP address, this may also affect your ability to watch Hulu outside the USA.  Clear your cookies, and in some cases you can customize your browser to not allow cookies for specific sites, in this case Hulu.

4. Change VPN Services If you are already running a VPN and still can't connect, it might be an issue with their servers or IPs. If Hulu is a regular thing you watch, it might be worth asking around if any VPN services specifically are not having trouble connecting to Hulu. I received an email from PureVPN saying that they are not having any issues connecting despite the recent changes, and I know that VyprVPN has very reliable connections


My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN