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Change / Hide IP Address in Turkey (Surf / Browse Anonymous Online)




Rather than starting a whole write-up on Turkish Internet censorship, I'll give you a link here – though if you've dropped by Mr. VPN you probably know quite a bit about it already.  Anyway, this site has some pretty good points like, “The Turkish government has sought to expunge several hundred words from the Internet altogether – thus negating the whole point of having an Internet in the first place and supplanting it with a government-controlled media outlet” So take a look HERE

Now, how to solve the problem.  VPN are a great way to hide your IP address in Turkey and surf anonymously.

Though proxies are a popular way to mask an IP address and browse anonymously (if you don't know what a proxy is, don't worry), they do an incomplete job.  When compared to VPNs, they just can't compete.  Other than the fact that open proxies and web based proxies don't need to be installed, VPNs win all comparisons, hands down.


Proxies can't

1. Access Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other TV/movie streaming sites
2. Make software and apps on your phone/computer anonymous
3. Protect your 100% from packet sniffing, spying, and identity theft


VPNs can

1. Combine SSL encryption and Tunneling protocols to make your connection more reliable and safer
2. Keep you completely anonymous, even if your government requests users logs (most companies don't keep them)
3. Allow you to choose your IP location (The USA, The UK, Canada, and more)


One service that does this is Hide My Ass. Here are some details about the service

1. 160+ servers (and growing)
2. Servers in 33 countries
3. 20,000+ IP addresses
4. Allows P2P and Torrents
5. Keeps you anonymous, safe, and uncensored


All of this is available for only $6.55 per month, when other services are charging $20-$30 USD.  Check them out at


You can also see my #1 Rated VPN Service for Privacy here.



My current VPN Recommendation is HideMyAss! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.