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Change Your IP Address to Access Spotify Anywhere

Spotify LogoSpotify is a music streaming website serving 15 million members in 16 countries worldwide, with options for free or paid memberships. Listeners in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Australia, the UK and the US can enjoy Spotify’s content without problems. However, if attempting to log in from a location where Spotify hasn’t established its presence, your access will be blocked. Spotify can clearly detect through its servers your access location by reading your IP address.


Although it seems as though there is no workaround, this kind of obstacle can actually be removed fairly easily. All you have to do is use a virtual private network service to change your IP address to access Spotify anywhere. This is a completely legal way to access streaming websites. VPNs exist online and the best option is to choose one with unlimited bandwidth for high quality streaming. These service should not cost more than a few dollars per month. In a couple of minutes, you can change your IP address to access Spotify anywhere around the globe. This way you can enter any streaming website permanently and with great results.


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