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Change Your IP Address To Access is a popular data sharing service with a downloading feature that has recently been made unavailable in many locales, including the U.S, due to international legal issues. When trying to download data from these locales, you will be denied access and the site will state “Our service is currently unavailable in your country. Sorry about that.” can easily detect your location because your computer’s I.P. address provides it. There are some locations, though, were continues to operate without problems.


There is also a way to change your I.P. address to access without restrictions. The best way to do this is by signing up for a VPN service that has servers in countries where this website is not restricted. Some VPN services have servers in multiple countries that you can log into. This is the best method to change your I.P. address to use because it costs very little to do and connection speeds are generally quite fast and bandwidth unlimited. As long as you choose the right VPN service, you can share data freely like you should be able to!


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