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Change Your IP Address To Stream The Grey Cup

Grey Cup

2014 will mark the 102nd Grey Cup – the championship game from the Canadian Football League championship. Beginning in 1909, the cup has had a proud tradition, even though it has experienced a fair amount of challenges, including concerns that 1996 would be the last time that the championship is played.

Championship games are always amazing to watch, because you are looking at the best of the best and how their strengths and weaknesses come into play when they are facing each other. The Grey Cup is particularly important because it represents the best players of Canadian football.

In fact, this is one reason to watch the match alone.

After all, there are some differences between Canadian football and American football, and watching the Grey Cup is a great way to get a sense of what’s involved in the Canadian approach.

However, first you have to work out how to watch the match.

Watching Online

I’m sure most of us would love to actually go to Vancouver (where it is hosted this year) and actually see the match in person. Yet, it’s impossible to go and do that for every sports event that you happen to be interested in.

This is why watching sports games online is so fantastic. You have the chance to see the game without having to deal with the cost and hassle of actually going to the right part of the world (not to mention the cost of tickets alone).

With how global internet has become, you might think that doing this wouldn’t be a problem. But actually, you run across a significant issue with regional restriction.

Across the world, many sites use regional restriction to control who accesses their content. Specifically, they use location to allow some people access and not others. They do this through your IP address – which is actually a pretty good indication of your physical location.

This makes the problem tricky, because you don’t have control over your IP address. So, you can’t simply go out and change it when you want to. You can change what IP address you appear to have though, and you can do this using a VPN.


VPN actually stands for Virtual Private Network, and this is a service that a number of different companies provide.

Basically, with a VPN you are connected to a secure network that enhances your security online and helps you to remain anonymous. To be on the network, you connect to a VPN server.

That server is important, because it masks your IP address with its own. So, it ends up looking like you are wherever that VPN server is. The great thing is that many of the best VPN providers will give you a large range of options about where your VPN server is located.

This is particularly important for streaming movies and television, as well as watching sports, as it gives you the ability to change the location of your IP address by changing your server location.

I have tried a number of different VPN providers over the years, and my personal favorite is a service known as VyprVPN. I have always had really good results with that company and I love how reliable they are.

My current VPN Recommendation is VyprVPN! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.

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