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Change Your IP Address To Unblock Rhapsody

Rhapsody LogoRhapsody is a popular American website with over 14 million songs on demand for streaming to a PC and mobile devices. Unfortunately for those located abroad, only U.S.-based listeners can access the site because Rhapsody cannot offer its services to listeners outside the U.S. So when you try to sign up, the site will present an apology message for being unavailable due to regional constraints.

To Rhapsody, your location is clearly detectable via your IP address, which is your PC’s Internet address. In order to gain access to its content, you have to present the site with a an American IP.


In order to change your IP address to unblock Rhapsody, you need to a virtual private network service, such as Hide My Ass. For a low monthly price, all of these services connect you to American servers and thus give you an American IP address.

This smoothly (and legally!) bypasses Rhapsody’s restrictions to unblock access to its content. Unless faced with Internet censorship, unblocking Rhapsody should be instant and the streaming high quality. This music treasure chest is just a click away when you use a VPN service to change your IP address to unblock Rhapsody.


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