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Change Your IP With VyprVPN


VyprVPN Review from Mr. VPN

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VPN review sites often can work out free trials with most VPN services, I was able to try out VyprVPN for a while so I could give it a proper review. I don’t mean to brag, but ALL of the VPN reviews here at Mr. VPN have been tried by myself, and all the reviews are honest – not just trying to make a buck off of you.

Take a look at a lot of the other VPN sites around and you’ll notice a lot of vague and extremely positive reviews. It’s obvious that they’re just sites set up to get commissions and make some cash. This is NOT what Mr. VPN is about. With my first go at VyprVPN, I wasn’t impressed.

It was difficult to set up, it was slow as heck, and I didn’t have time to research what had gone wrong. I put it on my list of “bad” VPNs, and forgot about it. Fast forward a few months, and I finally got around to writing a review for it.

Within a day I was contacted by someone from the VyprVPN staff asking what happened, and if they could help me fix it.

Good job for VyprVPN! 

good customer supportEspecially with VPN services, which have customers all over the world, using different operating systems, doing different things online, there’s bound to be some issue, somewhere. Having a friendly and helpful support team is important.


So the second time around, after reinstalling VyprVPN, I was shocked at the speed difference. I don’t know what went wrong the first time, but in comparison to some other VPN services I was using at the time, I was now able to stream YouTube videos (I was living in China at the time) without waiting for buffering.

Sites were opening almost instantly, and downloads were going smoothly. I can only say good things about the speed of VyprVPN.

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Privacy and VyprVPN

It seems like a lot of VPN services out there are mostly about unblocking sites like Facebook and other entertainment themed sites, and their services don’t pay much attention to informing their customers about the dangers that a proper VPN can protect you from.

VyprVPN is clearly a service dedicated to online privacy. Golden Frog (company that owns VyprVPN) owns all their own servers, which means that you IP data isn’t going anywhere it shouldn’t. They don’t keep server logs, so your data won’t be available for anyone snooping around.

This is very different from a lot of other VPN services that actually outsource their VPN server networks, essentially borrowing the hardware that you use to browse the internet securely. This is standard practice (surprise), so Vypr is pretty unique in that they write, own, and personally maintain their entire network.

VPN Server Locations:

VyprVPN Country Locations

Includes the US and the UK. See Full List of Servers Here

Because they have such a wide range of VPN server locations available to you, it's possible to change your IP to a variety of countries. The most popular destinations by far are the US, the UK, and to some degree Canada and a few European locaitons. There are places in other parts of the world, and they are frequently growing.

This means you can stream your favorite TV shows from any country, regardless of where you are right now! Get Netflix while in China, or the BBC in Japan!

In a nutshell, VyprVPN is great for streaming TV, protecting your internet privacy, and securing your mobile devices while using shared internet.

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