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Change/Hide IP Address in The USA (Anonymous Surfing / Browsing)


United States


Though The USA is one of the most open places that you can access the Internet (ie, lack of Internet censorship), there is still plenty of reason to hide your IP address. Some reasons may be directly tied to your online activity – like downloading torrents/file sharing or accessing content from other countries – while some reasons may be simply a preventative security measure – like when you connect to the Internet from public wifi or as a way to keep advertisers from tracking your IP.  There are plenty more reasons to hide your IP address in The USA, and a VPN is going to be the best way to do this.

Get a Private US IP Here

It's true that proxies can hide your IP address, and they can also get you an IP address from another country.  However, open proxies are known for their propagation of spam, and its not recommended that you associate yourself with an anonymous proxy server.  Sure, you don't want to share your IP address with others, but that's exactly what you're doing when you use open proxies.  Is a free ride worth the risk?

There are legitimate proxy services out there that eliminate the risk of spam and IP abuse, but again, they won't get you past all firewalls.  Hulu, Netflix, and other TV streaming sites block proxies.  There ARE some that can disguise the fact that you're using a proxy, but why waste the time searching for them, when a VPN is better anyway?  For a proxy service with premium bandwidth, a choice of server location, and a proxy IP address that will get you past all firewalls, you'll pay just as much as a VPN service.

My #1 Rated VPN Service for Privacy

Virtual private networks let you choose your server location and switch servers for free.  You can get an dynamic IP for anonymity or a static IP for gaming.  VPNs use tunneling to provide safe, secure, and private passage to and from VPN servers in addition to SSL encryption for the data you send and receive, making EVERYTHING you do online totally secure.  Access to Hulu outside the USA? Yes.  BBC iPlayer outside The UK? Yet.  Secure connections for P2P, torrents, banking, and business online? Yes.

You can use a VPN on most smart phones (iPhone, android, Nokia, Windows Phone, Blackberry), as well as computer operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux).  Here are some services to help you change/hide your IP address in The USA – you need not look further than these three.


Hide My Ass

The most IP addresses in the most locations of any VPN service out there.  20,000 IP's in 34 59 countries, and their database grows every month.  A 30 day money back guarantee on top of a free open proxy list, free anonymous email, and a free web based proxy is the reason that they attract so many customers.  $6.55 per month is the reason they keep coming back.  You can't find this price for this kind of package anywhere else.



The most technical of these three services, they have tons of options for users that have operating systems outside the standard.  There are lots of customization options, and the ability to upgrade your encryption, get port forwarding, and more.  Simple site design may scare off those users who are impressed by shiny, moving parts, but their VPN works 100%, has fast servers, and a great support team.  $6.58 per month ($79 per year) is an awesome price as well.



These guys have some options that the other two don't.  They offer static IP addresses for those that need an anonymous IP for money transactions, gaming, or other activity where a dynamic IP could get you into trouble.  They also offer SSTP VPN for Win 7 and Vista.  They've got the cheapest standard package here, for $74 per year ($6.20 per month).  Don't worry about the 30 GB bandwidth limit – this will only affect the most serious of downloaders.  They also offer premium bandwidth packages for users who use P2P and download torrents frequently.


My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

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