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VPN Services Offering Free Trials


Free Trials Worth Checking Out


Free Trial VPNsI know, everyone is looking for a freebie. While there technically are some free VPN services that exist, and some paid VPN services that offer free trials, remember that there is always some kind of restriction.

Most free VPN services will restrict your bandwidth or what type of activity you can do with the VPN (no Torrents, no downloads, even no porn as with Freegate). Those that don't restrict anything are going to be really slow, unreliable, and short lived. You can see from the list below that there's a growing list of sites that just disappear after a while.


A “free trial” type of paid service is a bit better. Some have no restrictions on during the trial period, but you may have to provide them with a credit card number or soul in exchange for the trial. Those that do not require a credit card will usually have some kind of limit. Duh.

Also, something to watch out for is that many say that you can try it “risk free”. Basically, it means that you pay for the VPN service, try it for a period of time, and if you are not satisfied with it you can get your money back. Trial periods range from 1-30 days, most of them being right on the 7 day mark. This type of trial period is very common, and the only one I know of that doesn't offer a money back guarantee is Private Internet Access.


VPN Services with Actual Free Trials



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If you know of an awesome free trial, or are  a VPN service that is currently offering free trials and you want to see it listed here, please contact me and tell me about it. This page is for you! Help support the VPN and internet privacy community by sharing your favorite VPN services and VPN deals.