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Get a British IP Address

british ip

Getting a British IP address overseas isn’t difficult. Though every network that touches the internet has its own unique IP, a British IP can be obtained anywhere in the world, on any internet device. If you are trying to catch a streaming football match through the BBC it is still possible to watch it from outside The UK.

Since BBC iPlayer continues to provide service to service England and the rest of the UK almost exclusively, many people have begun searching for ways around this restriction.

Access to TV streaming site from The UK, including Sky Player, ITV, and BBC One while not actually being inside the UK is one of the main reasons to get a British IP. They'll work on your phone, tablet, and laptop or PC/Mac. You can also get a VPN to work on your TV, but it's a bit more complicated.

Other reasons to use a VPN would include privacy and security. You can still be in the UK and want a private UK IP that will prevent the government from monitoring your online activity, or secure your connection over unsecured networks (like shared internet).

There are a wide variety of VPN services available. Luckily, British IP addresses are among the most common available, so there are plenty of services that provide them. There are two VPN services that offer the best for those trying to get a British IP. (the original article only listed two, but lately I've been recommending VyprVPN because it's proven to have fast, reliable connections, and they've recently expanded their server network.

They also have a great set of apps and are very transparent with their privacy policies. You can read the full review of VyprVPN here.

Other Options

HMA logoHMA is a great option because of their extremely cheap price for the wide variety of IP locations they provide around the world – the most of any service out there. ProVPN is their premium service, which comes with unlimited bandwidth and works with Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.  Another cool feature is their speed guide, which allows you to choose servers based on their speed rating.  ProVPN is offered with 10,000's of IPs in 70+ countries to choose from. With a money back guarantee, you haven't got much to lose by trying it out.

Aside from this, they offer a handful of free services, including a FREE web based proxy for anonymous browsing, a list of proxies from around the world (again, for general anonymous browsing), free anonymous file uploading, anonymous email, and a software based proxy. Visit their site at

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12vpn review small12VPN has also updated their service features recently, as well as logo and pricing structure. They too offer unlimited bandwidth and free server switching.  For British IP addresses you need the world VPN service, which, while not as cheap a HMA, is a reasonable price for a high quality VPN service.  Trust me, when it comes to internet connection speeds and waiting for sites to load or videos to stream, you don't want to cut any corners.

12VPN is the cheapest of the bunch here, especially for mobile-only users. Those VPN plans are only $30 per year

The advantage with 12VPN is also that they offer a wider range of VPN protocols, for a wider range of devices, and a wider range of options.  Better encryption (for security), more tunneling protocols, and even custom VPNs for users in China or other countries that block PPTP or L2TP.  Easy set up means you can get started in the next five mintues.

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My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN