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Get a Canadian IP Address



Getting a Canadian IP address is far easier than most users think. A unique Canadian IP offers some of the best options and makes the most out of the internet. With a Canadian IP address you are almost as free to use the Internet as an American IP with some unique advantages, for example, file sharing with a Canadian IP is actually easier in some regards then other IP’s. There are many restrictions with regards to content streaming however, which is why I use the word almost. It just depends on what you're looking for.


Get a Canadian IP Address Here


Because of the rampant internet piracy in the States media companies and their cronies have American service providers over a barrel. Regardless of what your data stream might actually contain, deep packet searching and random inspection does happen.

Your internet provider will rarely if ever defend your right to privacy when it comes to the service that you pay them for. Canadian IP’s don’t receive nearly the scrutiny that native IP’s do in the USA. When you are traveling abroad there are many ways to maintain a Canadian IP so that you can peruse in peace.


About Virtual Private Networks


Virtual Private Networks offer many of the perks of the larger internet without many of the drawbacks. A VPN is a way that you can network one internet using device to a server or system of servers with a visible and transparent network. They are easily modified and because of the ease are varied and specialized.

There are many VPN’s that work to maintain privacy and anonymity while you are online. Because it is a closed system with access to a larger system, you can access it in a way that makes you feel comfortable. You can have a Canadian IP why browsing anonymously regardless of your location. With a Canadian IP you can access your bank account or any other local access only network where ever you are.


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The software featured in the video is HMA ProVPN Software. Here is a short review. You can read the full review here.




Hide My Ass has Canadian IP’s as well as thousands of others from hundreds of servers in 59 countries. Though you're looking for a Canadian IP address, you may find that a British, American, or German IP can be useful as well.  They offer lots of free stuff

  • Free Web Proxy
  • Free list of proxy IP's to edit your internet browser with*
  • Free Anonymous Email
  • Free anonymous file uploading

However, the star of the show is their ProVPN service. Their premium service, “ProVPN” has the added security of data encryption and tunneling with a much faster and reliable connection than proxies. You also get access to all countries, servers, and IPs on their entire network for one cost. This comes with support and a money back guarantee. If you're looking to do anything other than standard browsing, then a VPN is what you need.


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My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN