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Get a Dutch IP Address – Get a Netherlands IP Address




You can get a Dutch IP address on your iPhone.  You can get one on your Android. iPad and iTouch? Yes. Windows? YES. Mac? Of course. Linux, Apple TV, PS3, and Xbox 360? All of the above.

Can you change your IP from The UK? Yes, From The US? Yes.  From any country in the world you can make your real IP address invisible, and replace it with an IP address from The Netherlands. It's super easy and super fast.


It's called a virtual private network


vpn irish ipVPNs can protect your privacy.  Some of the better proxies will hide your real IP address and protect your data with SSL encryption. But those are the BETTER ones.  You know all those free web based proxies and open proxies you used in school to access your Facebook account from the schools firewall? They don't always hide your IP – they may just help you bypass firewalls.

Some proxies do terrible job of making you anonymous online, and they do an even worse job of protecting you from hackers and malware.  VPNs have improved anonymous surfing technology by not only protecting your data with SSL encryption, but also hiding it through VPN tunneling.  Even a professional proxy service won't even come close to the protection and privacy that a VPN can provide.

Get Your Dutch IP Here


Choosing a Location


Looking for privacy online?  It's no secret that the FBI, SIS, and other government agencies from The US and The UK can easily access your private information by seizing servers from your ISP.  With an IP from The Netherlands, you won't have to worry about “Big Brother” while sending private emails or chatting online.

VPNs are good for many different types of users.  For example, lets say you want a Dutch IP to download torrents.  This is probably the best reason to choose The Netherlands for an IP location.  Sure, you can change your IP address with a proxy, but proxies only protect your browser. This means that you'll surf with the Dutch IP, but your P2P software will still be using your local IP. Whoops!

But what about Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, and Spotify?  Don't you need a US IP address or a UK IP address? Yes, that's true.  For Hulu, Netflix, and Pandora, you need a US IP. For BBC iPlayer, ITV, and Spotify, you need a UK IP (Spotify also has a US site).

There are also Australian sites that you can stream Rugby on, and Canadian websites for streaming hockey.  Are you into gaming? Get a Japanese or a Korean IP.

The solution? Get a VPN service with IP addresses in many different countries, and allows you to switch VPN servers (IP addresses).


Getting to the point


(all services reviewed below have Dutch IP address available/servers in The Netherlands)

This is why the best VPN service is Hide My Ass (HMA).  There are many VPN services that can offer privacy, security, and VPN protocols for your phone and computer.  But NONE of them can compare withe the number of IP locations that Hide My Ass has.  23,000 IP addresses, in 200+ servers, and from 37 different countries.  You can switch servers for free, and access ANY of the countries they offer for $6.55 per month.

So why is this so cool?

Well, lets compare it to some other VPN services.


12VPN offers the same price plan – For US ONLY servers. Yes, only one country location (upgrades available).

VyprVPN has a few more server locations (7 country locations) for more than 3x the price of HMA ($$15 – $20 USD Per month)

SwitchVPN has servers in over ten countries – but makes you choose ONE country location, or pay double the price.


Now don't get me wrong, the above mentioned VPN services are great services.  In particular, VyprVPN and 12VPN have great support teams. But when Hide My Ass offers more IP address at less than half the price, the choice is obvious for most* people.


Like I said – MOST people. There are some reasons you might want to choose another service. For example, 12VPN supports more devices, offers custom VPN options, DD-WRT  and port forwarding options, as well as the possibility to upgrade your encryption (256-bit and higher).  They are also available in China and The Middle East, where HMA is blocked.


VyprVPN is another great service for privacy. They own their own server network, and provide exceptional customer support.  In my personal experience, their servers are faster and more reliable that other VPN services.  Also, if you're ordering on a monthly basis, HMA is 11.52 per month…VyprVPN is $14.99 (only 3 dollars more).

Read the full review for updates + discount links



My current VPN Recommendation is HideMyAss! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.