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Get a Fake IP to Access is a CBS-owned music website providing recommendation services to its members by following their tastes in music. Although the site’s members can enjoy its services free of charge, limits its services to users in the USA, UK and Germany because of legal arrangements. If attempting to access from somewhere else,’s servers would clearly determine the user’s location via their IP address and prevent access. Still, it is possible to get a fake IP addressto access and bypass the website’s restrictions.


Virtual private networks, or VPNs, are a safe and easy way to obtain the necessary IP address. VPNs are a legal way to work around the access problems so that the user can get a fake IP to access, and any other streaming website, anonymously. Pick an IP originating from the USA or UK so that the streaming website’s servers view your connection as if it is coming from one of those countries. There are quite a few VPNs online, so make sure you choose one that provides a stable connection with unlimited bandwidth for streaming for a small monthly fee. This way you can access anywhere.


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