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Get a French IP Address




Using a French IP address on your phone or computer is a good way to connect to France from any place in the world.  While French internet isn't a great place for downloading torrents because of the TMG and IP tracking efforts to target torrent users, it is a great way to access French TV channels.

There are tons of French News, Media, Movie, and other streaming sites, and interest in these shows is not limited to France!  Not only are there many French speaking nations in the world, but there are many people that are interested in learning the French language. What better way to learn that to listen to real French people speaking as they normally do? (No silly cassettes or CDs with fake conversations).

But perhaps the greatest need is for native French people who are traveling or living abroad.  Even if you cross into another European country, many local French websites become inaccessible to terribly slow. Changing your IP address can change this of course.

And even from as far away as The USA or China, you can change the IP address of your phone or computer to make it look like you really ARE in France.

Get Your French IP Here


The best way to change your IP address is with a VPN.


The reason is that VPN will change the IP for all programs, including VOIP, chatting, email, online games, browsing, downloading, and any other software or apps.  Unlike some IP changing tools which only change the IP of your browser, the VPN is an all-in-one coverage.

vpn irish ipIn addition to an IP change, a VPN will also keep your real IP address super safe.  Heck, you might already be in France, and you could use a VPN to hide your real French IP and replace it with an anonymous French IP.  Remember that when surf the internet, many sites you visit will record your IP address.  Some use it just for statistics, and some use it for spam.  Either way, it still is invading your privacy.

So because not all VPN services have a French IP address available, I've got listed THREE here that do. I've tried these VPN services personally.  They're fast, reliable, and in addition to French IP addresses, you'll also get access to their whole network of VPN services.  This means that you can have an American IP, a British IP, and even IP addresses from Germany, The Netherlands, and more.


Hide My Ass

With 38 countries and hundreds of VPN servers, this is the largest network of VPN servers available on the internet. You'd think they would also be the most expensive, but they're not.  They charge less than $7 per month while some places charge more than $20.  Unlimited bandwidth, free server switching, a 30 day money back guarantee, and a clever name make them one of the most popular VPN services in the world.

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With 12VPN world package, you'll get access to plenty of VPN servers including The US, The UK, Japan, and of course France.  They support the most devices of these three VPN services, and have a super friendly support team.  Fast ticket support means you're never more than an hour away from help, and their team is always friendly and helpful. 7 Day Money Back Guarantee, $119 USD per year (less than $10 per month)

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They charge a steep price ($30 USD per month), with no discounts for long-term packages.  Their servers are super fast though, and they have live support. To be honest, I'd choose one of the above packages ($7 VS $30 is a huge difference), but still StrongVPN offers a great service, and should be included here.  Not very many VPN services offer French IP addresses, so StrongVPN is still a good option for those with deep pockets.

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My current VPN Recommendation is HideMyAss! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.