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Get a Spanish IP Address




Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, it's no wonder that many people are looking to get a Spanish IP address on their phone or computer.  Spain may be a small nation, but millions of people flock there every year for travel, business, and to learn about the culture.  With all the interest in Spain, of course Spanish IP addresses are in Demand.

Get Your Spanish IP Here

Probably the biggest reason to get a Spanish IP address is to watch Spanish TV.  There are many different Spanish accents, but Spanish from Spain is considered by many to be the ‘original' or ‘proper' Spanish.  Ask someone from Mexico, and they may say different, but go to a Spanish course in most countries and they'll be teaching a Spanish (from Spain) accent.

An essential part of learning any language is listening and understanding the culture, and watching TV is a great way to do so.  Not every country is going to have so many Spanish TV resources available on standard cable, or even on the internet. So…

Computer/Phone + Spanish IP Address =

Streaming Spanish TV Channels


But that's just a portion of the people searching for Spanish IP.  Other Spanish speakers around the world, mainly from South and Central America may be interested in Spanish culture and television programming.

Are you a native to Spain and traveling or living abroad?  You already know that some sites you're used to surfing are unavailable while you're outside of Spain.  Even chatting to your friends with VOIP or other local Spanish chat programs may be slow with a foreign IP.

Did you know that Spain is going to be the first stop for Netflix in Europe?  Yes, in 2012 Netflix has plans to bring their movie database to Europe, starting with Spain.

Love Spanish football and want to stream it live? With a local IP, live sports streaming from Spain is possible.


Video: How to use a VPN to Change Your IP


The best way to get a Spanish IP address is with a VPN.


The reason is that a VPN (virtual private network) gives you COMPLETE anonymity on the internet.  There are no loopholes, no security risks, and no chance for hackers to infiltrate and intercept your private information.  SSL encryption codes your data so only you and the VPN network have proper keys to read encrypted traffic, and VPN tunneling means all communications between you, the private network, and the internet are completely invisible.

Heck, you could already be in Spain, and still want an anonymous Spanish IP.  Anonymous surfing is useful for people who frequently use public internet points like Wifi in a cafe, school, or work.  You can use a VPN to be anonymous while in your native country – ie, you don't have to get an American IP to hide from your Spanish ISP.


The best VPN service for the task

VPN Spanish IPUnfortunately, not all services provide IP address from Spain. In fact, of all the VPN services our site recommends, only one has a Spanish IP address available.  Lucky for you, they're also one of the cheapest services.  While some top-notch VPN services charge $20+ per month, this place only charge $6+.  It's called Hide My Ass.

Hide My Ass frequently makes it to the top of most VPN review sites because they have an unbelievable number of IP locations, VPN servers, and positive reviews…and despite all this fame and clout surrounding the site, they manage to keep the price at a more than affordable cost.

See for yourself, and try it out. There's a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try out their service for a whole MONTH to see if they live up to their reputation. Risk Free.

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My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

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