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Get a Swiss IP Address




Changing your IP address is very easy.  There are basically three ways to do it, one of which I highly recommend.  If you want to get a Swiss IP address on your phone or computers, all three of these ways will work.


First, the free method.


Open proxies are 3rd party proxy servers that are open to the public. This means that if you can find the IP address and port number of an open proxy, you can change your IP address for free.  A proxy server is like a ‘go-between' for you and the internet. Instead of you directly opening up and surfing websites on the internet, the proxy gets the information for you. In this case, the proxy server is in Switzerland, so websites think you have a Swiss IP address.

This method is not recommended.  Why? It's more of a risk than you think.  When you sign into a proxy server, the owner of the proxy can see all of what you're doing online.  He can track you, and even intercept data. This means that if you sign into an account while using the proxy, he can get your username and password.  Also, not all people set their proxies up properly, and a misconfigured proxy may mean that other users can exploit this, and abuse the proxy.

Second, a cheap method


So if you take that situation, and use premium, well maintained, and guaranteed servers, you have a paid proxy service.  It works in the same way.  For those that want a Swiss IP address, you just find a service that offers proxy servers in Switzerland.  Once you connect to the proxy server in Switzerland, the server does all the work for you, fetching information from the internet from a Swiss IP address.


Third, the best method


So the question here is why you want a Swiss IP address.  And a VPN answers all of those questions, which is why it is the best.  For example, if you want a Swiss IP to download torrents, you should remember that a proxy won't change the IP address of your torrent software (proxies only work for browsing and streaming).  Switzerland has protected the rights of its torrent downloaders, so many people are seeking IP addresses from there.

Get Your Swiss IP Here

vpn irish ipAnother example of why a VPN is better than a proxy is for those that want to stream TV and movies from Switzerland.  Most proxies won't get you past the firewalls of popular Swiss TV Channel channels. To be honest, I don't know what Swiss people watch. But I do know that American and British TV streaming sites like Hulu and iPlayer block proxies, so Swiss ones probably do too.

One last example is for those looking for privacy, security, and anonymity. It has been documented on many different sites how VPNs beat out proxies for anonymous surfing and online security in every possible way.  VPNs can be configured to have 128-bit 256-bit, and even up to 4096-bit encryption (military grade stuff).  Most of the time, that's not necessary, but even your very basic VPN service comes with SSL encryption and VPN tunneling (PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN).


Which services are best

While there aren't as many services that offer Swiss IP addresses as American or British IPs, there are still quite a few, as Switzerland is a pretty popular location.  These are the best services to get a Swiss IP.


Hide My Ass

This is the first site I always recommend because they have the most, for the cheapest. Included in a basic VPN package is a VPN protocol for your phone AND computer, as well as 38 country locations for IP addresses. In addition to your Swiss IP, you also get IP addresses in The UK, The USA, The Netherlands, Germany, France, and many more.  Just over $6 per month is a fantastic price, considering most services charge more than $10 per month (save more than $50 annually).

Torrents – Yes
Unlimited Bandwidth – Yes
Free server switching – Yes

>>> Go To Hide My Ass Now



Another great service that allows torrents, has free server switching, unlimited bandwidth.  Their basic plan starts at $75 dollars per year which works out to just $6.05 per month.   Fantastic customer service and live support too!

>>> Go To PureVPN Now


Switch VPN

Another place with servers in Switzerland, they're a bit more expensive that the other two.  There are cheap plans for just over $5 a month, but you're limited to one server, and not from all locations. To get a Swiss IP address with these guys, you need to get a combo VPN pack which is $10 dollars a month, and no special deals for a year subscription.  Despite these negatives, they're a reliable service, have live support, and a money back guarantee.

>>> Go To SwitchVPN Now



My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN