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Get a UK IP address and British TV overseas


United Kingdom


Not just America is producing great TV shows – The UK has its own brand of fantastic dramas, comedies, documentaries, reality shows, and world new that is unique.  There are even several convenient ways to watch these shows on the Internet, and on pretty much anything that can connect to it.

You can catch up on the latest news on your iPhone, watch a new episode of Dr. Who or Coronation Street on your Android Tablet, or even watch some classic episodes of thousands of shows right at home on your Blu Ray or other Internet ready TV.  One big thorn in the side of many Internet users is that you can't use these devices to get British TV overseas.

Sure, there's satellite TV, but who can afford it – and its so unreliable in storms!  Yeah, there are some local TV stations that show these programs, but only some, and they're usually pretty old by the time they reach countries outside The UK.  So is there a better solution? Yes.

See, the problem with these sites is that they block non-UK IP addresses, so you've only got to change your foreign IP address to get access to British TV overseas.

If you're familiar with proxies, don't even think about it. They're blocked.  Go ahead and try it. You'll get a message saying that you can't access the site through a proxy.  Proxies are easy to detect, and even easier to block.

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So you've got to use a VPN.


VPN, or virtual private network, is also a way to change your IP address. Much like proxies, it's also based on connecting to servers located in The UK.  The difference here is the kind of encryption, and the structure of a VPN.  Whatever technological stuff is behind the curtain isn't too important – the main thing is that it works – and it's guaranteed to work!

You can install a VPN on your phone and computer.  To access the UK VPN servers through a TV you've got to get a VPN router or hook your laptop up to your TV.The best service for this is Hide My Ass – no matter who you ask.  They've got almost 3,000 British IP addresses alone, and included in every package is access to servers in over 33 countries, including The USA.  This means you'll also be able to access Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and other US sites, for US TV!  They charge $6.55 per month which is less than half what some other VPN services are charging.

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My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN