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Get A UK IP Address To Access HMV

hmv on demandHMV-On-Demand is one of the most popular UK content-streaming websites, but what will happen if you want to access the site from outside the UK? Unfortunately for those outside of Britain, HMV offers its services only within the UK borders. Those who have visited the site from abroad have seen the statement: “Sorry, you must live in the United Kingdom to use this site”. HMV recognizes your location through your IP address and then denies you access. All non-UK IPs are prohibited from exploring HMV’s content due to legal agreements.


However, in practice, you really don’t have to be on UK soil to use its website. In fact, you can get a UK IP address to access HMV to trick the website into believing you are in the UK. The best way to get a UK IP address is through a.VPN service, such as Hide My Ass. All you have to do is select one with UK servers that you can connect to and it will allow you to hide behind its server while helping you get a UK IP address to access HMV. A VPN service is thus the best way to watch web content anonymously, without regional restrictions.


+ Recommended VPN Service for HMV


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