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Get an American IP address in Australia and New Zealand


New ZealandRecent changes to P2P file sharing laws in Australian and New Zealand mean that if you share movies, music, and games on the Internet, you're putting yourself at risk for fines and even getting cut off from the Internet.

Regardless of whether or not you're familiar with the exact details of the new legislation, the point is, you don't want the government knowing what you're doing online.

And the best way to do this is by getting an American IP address on your Australian or New Zealand network.  How do you do this?  This is called “anonymous surfing”, and its a perfectly legal service.   There are private networks of servers located all around the world – in Canada, The UK, Germany, The Netherlands, and even Japan, Hong Kong, and of course, The USA.

By signing up for a “VPN service”, you get an invitation to join any of these private networks that are owned by the service.  Each VPN provider will have servers in different places, and in different amounts, but the point is that you'll be able to join a network outside of your own country.

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AustraliaAnd many users are choosing to go with VPN networks in America.  By connecting to a VPN server in America, you can get an American IP address even while you're in Australia or New Zealand.  All of your browsing, downloads, uploads, and even software an apps (on your smart phone or computer) will be filtered through the VPN server.

This means that the websites you visit, and even your own ISP will think that you're browsing the Internet in America.  And this means that you're browsing under American cyber-law.

So while getting safe access to P2P file sharing sites is part of the picture, there are other advantages of getting American IP address in Australia and New Zealand.  You'll be able to access Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, and other sites restricted for Americans.  Other users you chat with and online games will also think that you're browsing from The USA.


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