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Get an Australian IP Address




There are as many ways as there are reasons, for getting an Australian IP address. Australian IP’s offer unique advantages over many other nations. Live sports broadcasting is proving to be yet another of the biggest bottle necks in a truly open internet. Australian rugby and other sports only stream live to Australian IP’s. The problem then becomes an issue of getting an Australian IP while not necessarily being in Australia.

There are many other needs an Aussie has for access to an Australian IP. Domestic financial networks are often wary about working with customers overseas. There are several businesses that trip over themselves in security and end up alienating users who have to travel. By obtaining an Australian IP from anywhere in the world you can live your life as if you were home, with the game streaming in the background all the while.

 Get an Australian IP

A Virtual Private Network offers many advantages to your internet experience. By tunneling and encrypting your data, there are many internet pitfalls you can avoid while maintaining an Australian IP regardless of where you are. A VPN is a network that parallels the larger internet. It works the same way that intranets do but with a larger degree of autonomy. In fact, most VPN providers don't keep user logs, which means that your internet activity is completely anonymous.

If you are in an atmosphere where you can’t be confident of your internet security a VPN might be necessary. You can be safe knowing that deep packet searching is impossible and third parties are kept safely at bay.  This would concern those that are doing banking online from abroad. Through using a VPN you can use public networks without worry.

Using a VPN means that you're invisible on public networks because your IP is anonymous.  This means that if you want to pay your bills online or watch your home sports networks in a coffee shop on the other side of the world, then using a VPN to safely gain an Australian IP.


VPNs have many advantages over your standard proxy servers.  The most important things to remember is that a VPN will get you past more firewalls, it will keep your IP more anonymous (though encryption and tunneling), and you'll be able to run other software with the Australian IP address.  A proxy only masks your IP address for browsing activity, and should not be used as a form of online security due to the lack of security of open proxy networks.


Which VPN Service has Australian IPs?


My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

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