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Get An Irish IP Address




While an Irish IP isn't quite common among VPN services, there are number of users looking to get an Irish IP address on their phone or computer.  There are Irish language TV (like TG4) and movie (like Netflix) streaming sites that you simply cannot get anywhere but Ireland.

The problem is, when you leave the country, you can no longer access these sites because your IP address is no longer Irish.

Even if you go to The UK, a UK IP address will not allow you access to your Irish Netflix account, or live streaming Irish sports.

Get an Irish IP Now

And even for non-Irish, if you love Gaelic football, what better place to see it that Ireland?  Can you think of a country that would cover Gaelic football matches other than Ireland? Probably not.  Even better, you can watch the matches LIVE streaming from Ireland as the happen.

But you need an Irish IP address.


Video: How to use a VPN to Change Your IP



A VPN hides your real IP, and replaces it with an IP of your choice, in this case, from Ireland.  You just need to connect to a VPN server in the country, and all websites will think that you are in Ireland.

Now, because Irish IPs aren't that common, there's only one VPN service I've recommended here.  It's called Hide My Ass.

vpn irish ipLuckily, they're also one of the most reliable, cheapest, and most popular VPN services on the internet.  For a month by month service package, you'll pay $11.52 USD (9.08 Euros).  If you sign up for a year of service, it's cheaper, at $6.52 USD (5.14 Euros).


You get free access to ALL of their VPN servers (59 countries) That means you can have a UK IP address, an American IP address, and IP addresses from 30+ other countries in the world.  You'll be able to access Hulu, Spotify, iPlayer, and other Music/Movie/TV streaming sites from around the world.  If you're sports fan, that also means streaming Hockey from Canada and Streaming Rugby from Australia.


Sign Me Up for Hide My Ass!

HMA iPhone VPN

My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN