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Get Hulu Outside The United States


This Post has been updated: Please visit the new post here.

Hulu is an immense online service where subscribers can choose from thousands of videos of movie and TV shows. You can choose between the regular free Hulu or the premium Hulu Plus for only $7.99 a month. Both let you watch episodes of top TV shows and newly released movies. It’s simple to fire up your laptop or even your BluRay Player or other Internet capable device and watch Simpsons, Family Guy or the latest episode of Law and Order. But, this isn’t the case if you try to watch Hulu outside The United States.

The difference in the two services is that with Hulu Plus you can watch the entire season, whereas with regular Hulu you can only watch the first five episodes of the current season and selected shows from the rest of the season. One big problem is that if you don’t leave in the United States, you can’t watch either Hulu outside The United States.

Hulu Checks And Blocks Foreign IP addresses!

The TV shows and movies that Hulu carries has contracts so that it can be shown in the U.S. And if someone who is overseas logs on and tries to watch one of the shows, they will get a message saying it can’t be seen in that area. This is because Hulu can recognize the IP address that says you aren’t in the U.S. An IP address is the location where you are at and every computer has one. That’s the reason why you can’t watch Hulu outside the United States.That is, unless you go through a virtual private network, or VPN.


What is a VPN?

Viewers who are overseas can watch Hulu outside the United States via a VPN. A VPN is a virtual tunnel to a server or workstation in the US. This lets you to get online so that your Internet connection shows that it is from the U.S., so Hulu sees your IP address as a US IP address. VPN connections must be bought through a paid subscription, but there are several of them to choose which I'll introduce to you below.


VPNs add security

VPNs also help protect your surfing because they are a more secure system with secure servers in the U.S. or other locations, depending on the type of service you subscribe to. VPNs have servers in other countries besides the U.S., but you need a VPN server in The USA to be able to access Hulu overseas

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