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Hulu in Canada – Is it Happening or Not?

Hulu in Canada

When Hulu launched about 6 years ago there was an idea that it would eventually be available on an international level. As of 2013 this has yet to happen, but they still taunt users with that “we're working on it” style message on their FAQ page.

There are no news or rumors about imminent expansion, so it's my personal opinion that we are still quite a few years from Hulu going international – even to Canada. The Hulu service is available in some form in Japan and though it was rumored to be coming to Brazil, from my research it seem to have never happened.


I think that Canada would be a great market to move in to, much like Netflix did back in the day because American culture translates so well, and I imagine that they're big TV watchers just like Americans are.

Apparently, Hulu's market research says otherwise.

There are some stumbling blocks to watch out for an loop hole you need to jump through to actually access Hulu in Canada (yes, it's possible).


First off, you'll need to sign up for a VPN service. VPNs are actually the theme of this website. You can read more about VPNs here and here. Basically, they make your computer look like it's in the USA even though it's actually in Canada. Many TV and movie streaming services block non-US IP addresses, and this is a popular way to access them.

Hulu is quite sensitive to VPNs, meaning you have to clear your browser cache and cookies before accessing the site, giving Hulu the impression that this is the first time you are accessing the site. Hulu has a pretty good memory, so it might take you a couple tries.

Then you actually need to sign up for an account, which means you need a US credit card with a US address.

Sounds impossible, right?

It's not.

There is a service which can provide you with prepaid debit cards from the US (totally legit, you are not stealing someone's credit card or anything like that). By buying these debit cards from the US, you can use the information to sign up for your Hulu account, further proving that you are ‘in the USA'.


With the combination of the VPN and the US debit card you can stream Hulu from Canada or pretty much any other country. The only problem you may run into would be streaming speeds. I found that streaming from China was difficult, and from islands in the Philippines was pretty much impossible. But if you are in a location with decent internet speeds and are on a fast streaming device, then you should be able to access Hulu or Hulu Plus's content with little or no buffering.

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