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Mr. VPN is all about VPN reviews, VPN news, and tips on how to get the best VPN out there for what you need.  I think the main thing we're trying to do is to make things easier on everyone. There's a lot of half-truths and misinformation out there. And there's a lot of technical jargon that most people don't care about.  There's even more people just trying to make a buck off you.  We're trying help you make the right decision about what VPN to buy without having to spend hours researching how they work and who invented them.

What is a VPN?  They were first used by businesses so employees could access private information without having to be at the office. Today, we use the same technology to surf the net privately, and anonymously. Private surfing means that hackers can't steal your identity or your credit card information.  It means that companies can't secretly track your online footprints so they can try to get you to buy stuff.  It also means that even Big Brother doesn't know where you are or what you're doing.

We can also use a VPN to change our online identity. Sometimes this is a passive way to prevent identity theft, and sometimes it's an active way to get access to restricted content.  This could be accessing Facebook in China, Netflix outside the USA, streaming local sports from Australia, unblocking European gambling sites, or getting access to Brazilian soap operas wherever you are in the world.

Who needs a VPN?  You do! Most people at one time or another have used a Wifi cafe.  Did you know that this act alone can put you were at risk for identity theft? And if you want to surf Facebook at work or school, a VPN will bypass any network firewall. Has your ISP put a bandwidth cap on your downloading activities? Or maybe it's your favorite P2P software. Both can by bypassed by using a VPN service to change your IP regularly and hide your true identity.

So check out the site and see what cool stuff we've got to offer.  We're always updating so you can follow our RSS or on Twitter, that way when we update our blog you'll get the info first!


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