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How to Access Hulu in The UK


Hulu Outside the USA

It is possible to access Hulu in the UK using a VPN service. VPNs are used for a few different things, including privacy, security, and changing your IP to unblock websites. In our case, we need to unblock Hulu in the UK.

A VPN creates a virtual tunnel between your computer or phone and a VPN server located somewhere else. If that server is in the same country as you, you can use this server for privacy and security. It's like signing into a private internet within the public internet. No government spying, no identity theft, and no hacking possible.

If the server is in another country, you still receive all those benefits, but because the IP of the server is different from your own country, it looks like you're browsing from a different place in the world. We use this to our advantage to access Hulu and other US streaming websites from around the globe.

In the video below, I demonstrate how to get a US IP address using a VPN.



I am actually in the US, so there is not country change for that video. But you can see in the next video that I can change to a British IP using the same VPN service!



For people in the UK that like American television and are just looking for some entertainment, I would say that this trick is best for the free version of Hulu. You get some shows, some movies, and it's free. The only thing you pay for is the VPN service, which is about $7 per month. If there is a show you really like, you can buy the DVD set on Amazon.

If you are from the US and have a credit card you can pay for Hulu using your US card, and use the VPN to get the American IP. Even if you are from the US you still cannot access Hulu in the UK.


The reason I mention these two things is that there is a third option for those that want to access Hulu Plus in the UK. You can buy a prepaid debit card here to pay for your Hulu Plus subscription. This is a good option for someone without a US credit card. However, you are then paying for Hulu, the VPN service, and a fee to the service that sells these debit cards. It's getting a bit expensive for TV, in my opinion.


But I don't watch that much TV, and when I do, it's only a few shows that I REALLY like, like Workaholics or Archer. I just buy them on Amazon for $30 for a season and then I have it in my cloud storage. But this option could definitely be a lot cheaper for someone with a TV watching habit. If you follow a lot of series that you can find on Hulu, and like watching old series as well, the total fees of everything mentioned above is still only about $20. I think that's totally worth it if you watch every day.


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My current VPN Recommendation is HideMyAss! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.