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How to Get an American IP address in Canada




Getting an American IP address in Canada means a couple of thing.  It means you'll be able to access American media sites like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and other music/movies/download sites.  It means that you will not be restricted according to Canadian Internet laws.

It also means that you'll be hidden from your Canadian ISP, and that websites you visit will think that you're in The USA.  Proxies and virtual private networks are designed to make you anonymous and protected while you surf, so you also won't have to worry about accessing the Internet from public networks like cafe wifi, dorms, hotels, workplaces, or other shared networks.

Get an American IP Here

Most likely, you're going to want to get an American IP address in Canada with a virtual private network or VPN.  Though paid proxy services, and open (free) proxies can provide you with an American IP, can help mask your Canadian IP address, and can beef up your online security/anonymity to some degree, VPNs do a much better job.

A VPN service will provide you with two layers of security to make sure that your Canadian IP is hidden, and that the virtual American IP assigned to you will get you past any firewall restrictions, whether they be Canadian or from The US.


One is SSL encryption.  You'll see VPN sites talk about 128 bit encryption or 256 bit encryption – these are the standard levels of data encryption for most VPN services.  This is the kind of stuff you use when you shop online, or sign into a membership account.  Have you ever seen a site change from http://nomnomnom to https://nomnomnom?

That's the encryption kicking in, saying you need the proper credentials to access the information in this area.  The other thing VPNs use is called tunneling, and this is generally divided into PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN, though there are other tunneling protocols out there.  In most cases, you'll use a PPTP or L2TP on your phones and tablets, while OpenVPN is for laptop/desktop operating systems.  Fewer places have SSTP because its only available for Win 7 and Vista, but you'll also see it around.

 My #1 Rated Private VPN Service

Don't get me wrong, proxies work, but there are a number of problems.  First, if you use a proxy service, not all services will let you choose your location.  This kind of service is more to “unblock” sites at work and school.

Second, if you use an open proxy and are able to choose your location, you're going to have to change proxy servers as the IP addresses expire. That means each time you want to use an American IP, you're going to have to find a new server, in a new location, and that's going to take time.  Third, you can never be sure who the proxy administrator is, and you may run the risk of getting a heavily spammed IP, or getting your IP data side-jacked.

And even then, an American IP from a proxy won't get you access to Hulu, Pandora, OR Netflix.  Many sites block proxy IPs, because they're easy to spot, and easy to block.  If you download a lot, or use P2P sites, proxies just aren't going to cut it.

So you can clearly see that there are three things that make VPNs.

1. Security
2. Quality
3. Access

Any decent VPN service is going to charge you a monthly fee. There are free services out there, but most of them come with conditions like time limits, bandwidth caps, or require you to do advertising.  Probably your best bet for getting an American IP address in Canada is going to be one of these two services.



HMA iPhone VPN


Hide My Ass


One of the most popular VPN services world-wide, because they have everything.  20,000 IP addresses spread across 33 59 countries, including The US and The UK.  For just over six bucks a month you can get access to ALL their servers, switch servers (and IP address) at any time for free, and there's no limits on bandwidth. You can also organize servers by speed so that you can always connect at the fastest speed possible.

This alone should be enough to seal the deal, but there's also free services like a free web based proxy, anonymous email, and other free services.  They even have a list of open proxies that are organized by speed, anonymity, and age.  They've got PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN protocols available so you should be able to find something, regardless of what device you own.






This is a smaller company, but they're a great option for users looking for an American IP address in Canada.  For a US server VPN service you get ten locations in The USA, unlimited bandwidth, free server switching, and a great support team.

The US IP service is also just over six bucks for a month ($79 / year), which is much cheaper that other services charging more than ten bucks a month.

They advantage of going with 12VPN is that they've got more security options, more VPN protocols, and more solutions for users looking to customize their VPNs.  If you don't get technology stuff, don't worry about it.  If you have very specific needs for your VPN service, take a look at their site and send their support team an email.  They'll help you out.


My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

Check out my reviews for them here: HideMyAss | PureVPN