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How to Use WebMoney To Pay For my VPN Service

web money logoWebMoney is yet another unique e-commerce site – one that is accepted at most VPN service providers.  WebMoney is actually online currency that's backed by various “Guarantors”, depending on which kind of “wallet” you use.  Options for wallets currently include

  • USD (WMZ)
  • Gold (WMG)
  • Vietnamese Dong (WMV)
  • Russian Rubles (WMR)
  • Belorussian Roubles (WMB)
  • EUR (WME)
  • Ukrainian Hryvnia (WMH)

As you can see it's a very “Eastern European” based system, but even considering the small scope of this niche, I see the WebMoney logo everywhere.

These are then written as their web currency labels (WM[x]).  You can use these currencies to buy stuff online.  You can add to your WebMoney account using standard currencies like USD, or withdraw from your account to get cash.

There is definitely a bit of a learning curve to understand how WebMoney works, and the advantages of using it, but I've seen in the forums that many prefer this way of payment, and say the security beats out Paypal, no contest.  Registration can be a pain, but once you're in after the initial process, there are some unique business and private advantages to using this type of e-currency, including paying for stuff via SMS!

Here are a list of VPN services that accept WebMoney.


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