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How to watch UK TV Abroad


United Kingdom

There are some great shows coming out of the UK recently.  There are tons of reality shows and documentaries like Britain's got Talent, Sextuplets in The City, and My Transsexual Summer – comedies like Life's too short and dramas like The Mentalist.  There are decade long series like Dr.

Who and Top Gear, as well as just good TV like Coronation Street and Eastenders.  Almost all of these shows are available online, for free, directly to your laptop, phone, tablet, or Internet ready TV.  But you can't watch UK TV abroad through these TV streaming devices because they'll block you IP address.

There are several ways to change your IP address online – open proxies, web based proxies, and different types of software – but none of them will get you access. Currently, the only thing that can successfully give you a British IP address that will bypass firewalls is with a VPN.

Get a UK IP Address Here

VPN, means virtual private network.  The tech-specs aren't that interesting, but the point is that it works.  You can choose form a list of thousands of IP addresses from different countries (including The US and Canada), and get access to television streaming sites from any of these countries.  With a US IP you can even get access to Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu.

With subscription lengths varying from one month, to one year, it means you can make this a short-term fix while you're on holiday and want to chill out to your favorite UK shows in France, or it could be a year long solution while you're abroad for study or work.

With Hide My Ass, it will only cost you $6.55 USD per month to be able to  watch UK TV from anywhere in the world- and some services are charging more than 10 or 15 dollars!  For this you can watch as much TV as you want, any time of day, on any device that can stream the shows.  On a smart phone it's as simple as hitting “on/off” to connect to the VPN server in The UK, and on a Mac/PC, you've only got to double click and choose a server location.

Installation is easy, and in less than ten minutes from now you can have access to almost 3,000 different IP addresses in The UK.

Check out Hide My Ass at


My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

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