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Hulu VPN Info + Recommendations


Hulu VPN

Hulu is just great isn't it?  Just think about it: FREE TV on the internet! It's great how they can just throw in a few advertisements here and there and suddenly you can provide all awesome and on demand media for free.

Unfortunately, all this cool stuff seems to be reserved for Americans. Ok ok, people in America. With all the copyrights and what-not involved in making Hulu possible, the end result is that people with an IP address outside the US are unable to watch Hulu – even if you get their paid service, Hulu Plus.


So people got smart and started using proxies to change their IP address.


Then Hulu got smart and blocked proxies.


The people got smart again and started using VPNs.


So what kind of Hulu VPN should you use? Most VPNs function in pretty much the same way. They use servers located in the US and VPN software installed on your computer to ‘virtually transport' your streaming to the US.
It doesn't matter if you are in China, the UK, or Nigeria. As long as you are connected to the VPN server in the US, it looks like you are streaming from the USA.

I would suggest signing up for a service with these features:

  • More than one server locations in the USA
  • Free and on demand server switching
  • An easy way to change IPs (but remain on the same server)


VPN services often list things like “OpenVPN”, “PPTP”, or “L2TP”. For someone looking to stream Hulu or another TV/Movie streaming site (Netflix, HBO), these are mostly irrelevant. They have to do with the style of data encryption. VPNs are often used for privacy because of the ability to change your IP. For us, we can basically settle on PPTP for everything. It's one of the more basic VPNs, but it's also known as the ‘fastest'. This is not always the case, but many services allow you to switch these VPN protocols freely.



Recommended VPN Services for Hulu


Attention: Users in China – All three of these VPN services in China are blocked. Please see our Top 5 VPNs in China or our Hulu in Hong Kong Post.



Hide My Ass

The Number one choice for a Hulu VPN is Hide My Ass. They've got more than 50 servers in the US alone and come well recommended from Hulu watchers across the forums.

They have a free proxy available, but as we said before, you need a VPN to watch Hulu. Proxies are blocked. Also, it's very easy to install.  At only $78 dollars for a year of service, they're not only the fastest, they're also the cheapest.

It's no wonder this is one of the top VPN services in the world. Hide My Ass comes in at a solid #1 for a Hulu VPN.

Price $11.52 / 1 month$50.66/ 6 months$78.66/ 12 months

→ Get Hide My Ass HERE

Read the full review here




Our number two recommendation is StrongVPN. The specs of the Standard Service and the Deluxe Service are basically the same. The deluxe has more server locations available but the amount of US locations available are the same.  They've got the brand, speed, and reliability.

Price$15 / month     $90 / 6 months     $155 / 12 months

→ Get StrongVPN HERE

→ Read the full review here




Another good choice would be 12VPN. They only have 12 month plan showing on their front page but you can get a 3 month or 6 month deal if you dig deeper. Their year sign-up much cheaper than StrongVPN.  Setting up the VPN is also a lot easier. They've got a bunch of American server locations and IP address available. The key here is that you can switch servers for FREE.  Their US Only service is steal because for watching Hulu, all you need is the US IP anyway.

Price $119 / 12 months (World Service), $79  / 12 months (US Only Service)

→ Get 12VPN HERE

→ Read the full review here