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Internet Connection Sharing in Linux



Internet Connection Sharing in Linux:

Things you will need

  • A VPN service
  • A laptop with wireless network adapter and RJ45 port
  • Wireless Internet connection(through a router or ISP provider)
  • Cross-over Ethernet cable.

Steps to share Internet connection:

In your top or bottom menu bar, go to System

Navigate to “Preferences” and select “Network Connections”. (Note: Alternatively, you can type “Network Connections” in the search window of Start Menu)

When a dialog box opens, select “Auto eth0” and press “Edit”.

A new dialog box “Editing eth0” opens; navigate to the tab titled “IPv4 Settings”

Change the Method to “Shared to other computers”

Note: If your laptop has two wireless adapters, you can create an ad-hoc network to share your wireless network connection on your laptop. The second wireless adapter can be a detachable USB wireless adapter

Create an ad-hoc network:

  • Click on the Network Manager icon
  • Select “Create a New Wireless Network”
  • Specify name for your network.  (Note: We will name it “LinuxAdhoc”. Network Name is also known as SSID)
  • Select “None” in Wireless Security
  • Click on “Create” button.

The new wireless network is created but the system fails to establish the network connection. You will be required to make changes in the settings of the newly created network

  • Click on the “Network Manager” icon
  • Select “Edit Connections”
  • Select LinuxAdhoc from the list
  • Click on Edit button
  • In the Editing LinuxAdhoc window, select “IPv4 settings” tab
  • Select Manual method in the drop down list
  • Click on Add button
  • Enter a local IP address, Netmask and Gateway
  • Keep the DNS Servers and Search Domain  fields blank
  • Check the box “Connect Automatically”
  • Click on OK


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