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Ivacy Review


You don't hear much about this VPN service on many review sites, but it's definitely one worth taking a look at for a few reasons.  People that KNOW VPNs will like some of the features Ivacy offers. Those that are just starting to learn about and use VPNs may find these features under whelming.

First, lets get through some of the basic stats.



Ivacy offers 4 types of payment plans.  The most basic plan starts you off with 50 MB of data per day, and you pay just 1 Euro per year.

50 MB / Day = 1 Euro / Year

That's super cheap. And convenient for someone who doesn't want to throw down $100 dollars for a year of service when they just need it for Facebook and email.  However 50 MB is pretty tiny for anyone that does a good amount of browsing, and impossible for anyone who does even the most minute amounts of downloading, so there are other options.

Another good option for someone on a budget, is the ‘Pay As You Go” option, for which you pay 0.5 Euros per gigabyte of data.  That's pretty cool because you can budget how much you need (or want). Maybe you go through spurts where you download a lot of stuff, and then you go through dry spells where you actually have to do something else (School, Work, Baking, Etc)



Then your standard plan will give you 50 GB of data per month, and you'll pay €9.95.

For the unlimited data plan is €12.95 per month. The upside to this is that it's labeled as being specifically for P2P and video streaming, so that tells you 2 things.

  • 1. P2P is allowed and encouraged
  • 2. The VPN is designed to keep you and your online activity private.


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Support, Servers, Specs

Ivacy is designed to help you connect to the closest server by default, which will keep your speeds fast. You also have the option of choosing your servers manually, in Russia, the Netherlands, the UK, or the US.  I'm in California, and it was obvious that the server here was more than 2x as fast as the ones in Russia, so as you can see in the video on the Mr. VPN YouTube channel, it wasn't really worth connecting to.

Ivacy is also designed to connect automatically to PPTP, but you'll have a choice of L2TP or OpenVPN as well, which you can manually change.  For most people however, PPTP will give you a decent amount of encryption/privacy, and will give you the fastest possible speeds.

The software is also supported by a number of platforms, including your standard Apple & Microsoft stuff, but their site also includes setup tutorials for Linux, Xbox, and Android.



One feature not advertised on their site is that you can use Bitcoin to pay for their services, which can add to the anonymity of purchasing privacy software. The concept kind of goes hand in hand, but this is often glazed over with other VPN features. Just the other day I downloaded StrongVPN for testing and they asked for a personal phone number for identity verification.  What ever happened to being PRIVATE and secure?


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If you dig a bit in their site, you'll find that they offer a unique approach to their private VPN tunnels as well. They explain it best.

Ivacy special protocol, called HTUN (HTTP Tunnel), allows to bypass all firewalls, unlike other established VPN protocols such as PPTP, IPSec and OpenVPN, developed by major players (Microsoft, Cisco and Linux community). Unlike these established protocols, the firewalls do not detect Ivacy HTUN protocol because it encrypts and masks any Internet traffic (including torrents) as web traffic.


You can also check out their logging policy, which explains what information they need to get you set up, and what information you have the option of giving. They do keep timestamps for billing purposes (amount of traffic, account status), but do not log your personal activity.

So you can check out the video review where I test Ivacy below, or click the link here to go to their website and pick out a plan.


Ivacy Video Review from Mr. VPN



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December 12, 2012

4/5 stars

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