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ivpn review

Price $20 / $15 / $40 / $70 / $125…..Single Purchase / Monthly / 3 Month / 6 Month / 1 Year (See Official Price Plan HERE)


Protocols: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSL/OpenVPN

Servers: USA, UK, Netherlands, France

Supported Systems:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux
  • Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android

Unique Features: Double Hop***, Free server switching

Ease of Installation: No technical knowledge needed

Performance: 7/10

Free Trial: No

Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 7 days

Problems/Issues: Customer Support


I tried iVPN a while back, and thought it performed decently. In fact, I used to have a very positive review here on Mr. VPN. But iVPN was also one of the first VPNs I used when I moved to China, and I didn’t know any better.

Now that I’ve tried a large number of VPN services, I can see that there were a lot of issues that I originally ignored. That being said, iVPN wasn’t a horrible service, and what they have to say on their website is very interesting – much more than your average ‘hide my IP address’ and ‘access blocked websites’ type stuff that you see with typical VPN services.

In fact, they have a relatively active blog that is worth reading, even if you don’t sign up for their service.


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My Experience With iVPN


I used iVPN while in China. Unfortunately, the internet in China is very slow and connecting to a slow VPN server can greatly reduce the speed of your internet even further. This was the case with iVPN. The slow down was noticeable which is not the case with other VPNs.

I also dropped several connections over the course of my trial. Dropping connections can occur, but it happened more frequently with iVPN, sometimes making browsing the internet almost impossible. I cannot say this was 100% contributed to iVPN, and I only had a short period of testing over 2 years ago.



iVPN’s Website


A very positive thing about iVPN however, is the simplicity of the website, most notably the Privacy Policy.

Though there is a wide range of activities VPN users engage in, some people are simply interested in privacy. Especially with all the news coming out about the NSA and Snowden, privacy online is becoming a hot topic. VPNs can keep your information secure and private, even from the government.

iVPN makes selecting and signing up for a VPN service easy. They explain their privacy policy very simply, and make the services they offer very accessible to the average user. This is why I give iVPN an awesome rating in this category.

They also make a great effort in actually explaining what PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN are. Just because you don’t have a degree in computer science, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from privacy software.

There’s a lot more great information to enjoy on their site, so I hope you take the time to look around (if you’re curious)


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Social Engagement & Privacy


Something that’s very unique about iVPN is their activity on the iVPN blog. A few VPN services tweet from time to time, though HMA is very active on Twitter. iVPN has a pretty active blog, and they’ve taken the ‘big guns’ out, openly reviewing the privacy policies of other VPN companies. Now that’s ballsy!

Though some may see this as just another marketing tactic, I see it as a willingness to put their own policies on the line, and deconstruct some of the ridiculous jargon produced by lawyers and techies.

And one last thing I’d like to mention is that they are serious about privacy. No torrents, no hackers/ID thieves, and they say their services are best for

  • Foreign Journalists
  • Researchers & investigators
  • Privacy minded citizens
  • Human rights activists
  • Business travelers
  • Remote workers





While most VPN services connect you with a VPN server somewhere else in the world, iVPN has an option to use Exclusive Multihop™ technology with 256-bit encryption (standard is 128-bit). That basically means you use a super strong encryption and jump through TWO private VPN servers instead of one. This may contribute to slower speeds while connecting, but connection speed will vary based on location, which server you connect to, and how many people are signed in to the same server.


If privacy is a concern of yours, iVPN is a very trustworthy option. If speed, torrents, gaming, streaming, or other bandwidth heavy activities are on the top of your list, then you may want to browse other services from our VPN database.


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ivpn review



April 23, 2011

3.5/5 stars

VPN Service