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Mobile Apps and Privacy to be Addressed at Upcoming NTIA Meeting


When you are surfing the web on your laptop or desk top system, you know that websites place cookies on your device to track your browsing history. They claim to do this to enrich your web experience by targeting advertisements tailored to your tastes. When you download apps on your mobile device, some of these apps do the very same thing. The apps collect information about what websites you visit, your purchasing history, and personal data.


This is also claimed to be in the name of a richer website experience. Concern over the amount and use of the data collected has resulted in an attempt by the Obama administration to regulate how much information, and what is done with it, an app can collect from your mobile device.

In a statement from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), a meeting has been called for July 12, 2012 to discuss privacy and mobile apps. The NTIA is inviting attendees called “multistakeholders”.

These are the various entities and representatives from the government, private sector, civil sector, and the academic world. The NTIA hopes to address concerns raised about privacy and the development of mobile apps. The NTIA plans to have other meetings to address more concerns, but the first meeting on July 12th will address privacy.

Since the display on most mobile devices is very small, it is difficult to craft a privacy policy that is not too cumbersome to read. It is hoped at the upcoming meeting the formation of a code of conduct will be discussed.

This would help mobile app companies develop a way to let the public know what information they collect and what they do with this information once they have it. It is hoped that at this meeting with mobile app developers and others involved with mobile web applications will be the first step in developing a code of conduct to come into line with the White House's Privacy Blueprint.


Although the NTIA hopes to develop a policy on mobile apps and privacy, this is not the intention of the upcoming meeting. The NTIA wants to give multistakeholders a chance to discuss concerns and let the NTIA know which items concerning privacy should be addressed. It is also a chance for attendees to address concerns they may have about privacy and how it will impact the future of mobile applications.

You can get more information about the upcoming meeting by contacting John Verdi, National Telecommunications and Information Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1401 Constitution Avenue, NW, Room 4725, Washington, DC 20230, or by telephone at (202) 482-8238, or by email at


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