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Moca VPN and Freedur

Moca VPN

Please see the full review of Moca VPN here.


(old news now)

In VPN News, it seems that Freedur has been bought by MocaVPN. Where the heck did MocaVPN come from?

I don't know, this one kind of came out from nowhere! But it looks pretty cool.

Freedur was a pretty small, Hong Kong based VPN company that had a lot of customers in China. They've recently experience some problems with the Chinese Internet censorship team, and a lot of users were unable to connect to their site, as well as VPN.

It seems that in the last week or so, lots of Freedur customers have been able to their VPN, regardless of location.

This is probably due to the Moca takeover.

freedurThere's been lots of posts about users not being able to contact the Freedur support team – If you're having issues with Freedur, maybe contact the Moca team and see what's up. This might prove to be difficult as well though, as I just tried to send a support email to Moca asking for details of their service so I could feature them on the site, and the “send” button wasn't working.

Maybe they're still getting things set up over there.

Regardless, the site looks pretty slick, and it's not expensive at all.

I don't want to jump the gun on this one, but it seems that they only have L2TP available which means that users in China are left out. Bummer.

L2TP however, is a decent VPN protocol, which works on mobile devices like iPad, iTouch, Android, iPhone, and other mobile devices as well as Mac OS, Windows XP/Vista/7, and Linux, and many other operating systems. Security features aren't as good as SSL/OpenVPN – but it seems that they're targeting customers looking to play, not to protect.

Why would I say that?

Well there's quite a bit on the site about Hulu, Pandora, and BBC iPlayer. Not a lot about anonymous surfing.

If I get a chance to try it out, we'll be sure to keep you guys updated.

Here's their site

Where is the .io domain extension from?

Check it out HERE (.io = Indian Ocean)



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