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The Good & Bad of Moca VPN


If you are from the Asian region, you probably have heard about the Freedur VPN service provider. It is was one of the leading VPN providers in the China, where censorship is highly implemented. However, recently, it  merged with the Moca VPN.  They've got a new site, new servers, and a new service.

There have been a lot of improvements since Freedur, and here's what I have to say.


Positives of Moca VPN


Moca VPN is a pretty standard service. Some of the best features of Moca VPN are not unlike other VPN services.  For example, it protects your online footprint while you are using the Internet. It is of course a pretty standard feature that you can protect your internet connection from hackers and virtual criminals out there.

Other stats listed in their “Features” section were also pretty standard for VPN services.  Multi-platform support, an email support team, the ability to watch Hulu and BBC iPlayer, online gaming, etc.  These are also pretty standard features. Nothing to rave about, but good to have.


Cool & Unique Features


There are two features that definitely need to be emphasized. One is that they have a Firefox extension which means you can operate the VPN via your web browser. This is very cool, and something I've not seen with any other VPN service except 12VPN which operates a separate service called for Chrome users.

Another awesome thing is that they actually support Blackberry. Blackberries are dying out quickly despite the new operating system, and the majority of VPN services don't support these devices (both new AND old). I'm very surprised to learn that MocaVPN, being the small VPN service that it is, supports Blackberry. The only other service I know of that does this is PureVPN.



Negatives of MocaVPN


There are some negatives to cover. Let's go over these so you can get an informed idea of what MocaVPN offers.


I think it's pretty funny that they highlight some of their ‘cool features' and ‘positives', as perfectly normal things for VPN services. For examples:


Q: Why should I choose Moca VPN over other VPNs?

A: Because we go out of our way to make sure our customers are satisfied.


It's interesting that the best thing about their VPN service is that they try hard.  Maybe it's true, but I'm pretty sure most services do as well.


Unfortunately, they only offer L2TP.  This works for most internet read devices like smartphones and computers, but some countries block L2TP VPN (China), which means if you're somewhere like China or the Middle East, you won't be able to sign up for this VPN.  They do not offer PPTP, SSTP, or IKEv2. The do offer OpenVPN for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

They currently only offer VPN locations in the US and UK. This is very limited, especially when services like Hide My Ass currently offer 59 country locations for a similar price.


About Price & Other Features


When it comes to price, for a month by month subscription, Moca VPN isn’t one of the cheapest.But for a year of service, its going for as low as $6 a month.

That's pretty cheap when compared to some of others that cost about $15 a month for a subscription. There are also different contract lengths which are more expensive for the less time you sign up for. Rates for quarterly and six months of service are $29.95 and $49.95.  Ordering just one month of service is going to cost you $14.95, which is on the high end for 1 month of VPN service. If you are going to pay $15 dollars for a VPN, I would suggest VyprVPN instead.


As a new VPN provider (at least in name), I do believe that they're trying hard to keep their customers satisfied.  This does count for something, as VPN services like Astrill have rude customer support and controversy surrounding the quality of their service.




There are many, very specific positive features of MocaVPN. There are also some unique negatives I covered as well. If you would like to sign up and try their service, click the link below.


Moca VPN


Sign Up for MocaVPN



September 02, 2011

3.5/5 stars

VPN Service


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