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New P2P Laws – Hide your IP address in New Zealand and Download Anonymously


nz internet blackout


Why you need to hide your IP address in New Zealand


Recent changes in New Zealand regarding P2P file sharing and piracy have cause an uproar from Internet users across the country. Protests were formed and users tweeted/blogged/posted with their avatars blacked out.  Though much of this went down a few months ago, it was just last month that the law came into legislation.

Though everyone agrees that piracy and copyright infringement are not to be condoned, those that are protesting The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill are saying that the New Zealand government is making a few major mistakes.


Perhaps the biggest one is the line included in the bill that reads “that an infringement notice establishes a presumption that infringement has occurred”.  Though it's official wording makes it sounds harmless to some, what it's saying is that someone accusing you of stealing their stuff means that it actually happened, or that you're guilty until proven innocent.

Another thing that isn't sitting right with New Zealanders is that many people in Parliament were discovered to not even know what P2P filesharing and torrents were.  Seeing as these are major players in what actually brought about this new law, it seems very ignorant and negligent on their part that they would pass a bill that they don't fully understand.  Everyone can agree that stealing is bad, but can P2P filesharing be considered stealing?


Many Internet users have compared P2P filesharing to lending or sharing things with a friend.  After all, no one is making a profit, and users are simply enjoying the media and passing it on.

Yet another issue with the legislation is the fact that anyone can make accusations of piracy or theft.  Owners of copyrighted material around the globe are in the millions.  With anyone able to make accusations of copyright infringement, in combination with the aforementioned policy of being guilty until proven innocent – well, I think a user from has a good point…

new zealand banned“I think if any individual could issue speeding tickets to anyone else, and those speeding tickets where presumed to be valid unless you could prove otherwise — then yes I think people would have a problem with that.”


Supporters have said things like


“The legislation passed 111 to 11 gives a lot of certainty that people won't be cut off at the whim of an ISP. If you read the bill for someone to be cut off requires a cabinet minister and Governor General signature. If your piracy is bad enough to get attention by the GG then it's probably 100% right it should be cut off.”


“The Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Bill will initially require Internet service providers to send warning letters to users who downloaded copyrighted material.”


So it's not like special forces are going to storm your door the first day you download a song without paying for it.  However, repeated offenses could lead to fine of up to  $15,000 and getting cut off from the Internet for up to six month.



WHAT?! Cut off from the Internet?


Which is why many Internet users in New Zealand are looking for ways to surf the Internet anonymously.  Anonymous surfing means a couple things.

1. Your ISP doesn't know about your browsing/downloading/P2P activity
2. Websites don't know your REAL location
3. Websites, advertisers, and your ISP can't track/log your NZ (real) IP address
4. You can be “from” anywhere in the world
5. You can change IP address any time you want
6. You'll be protected from hackers and identity thieves.


The best way to surf anonymously is with a virtual private network (VPN). Compared to other anonymous surfing tools like proxies, VPNs are going to offer better encryption, faster and more reliable connections, protections on more levels, and an anonymous IP address that will get you past more filters and firewalls.   There is no reason to choose anything other than a VPN.

There are plenty of VPN providers out there.  However, two services I highly recommend are Hide My Ass and 12VVPN.  Both of these services allow P2P filesharing (remember that some VPN services don't. They both come with money back guarantees, and offer IP addresses in multiple locations around the world.  Free server switching, VPN protocols for your phones/computers, and easy to navigate sites make these two services the best choice for anonymous surfing in New Zealand.



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