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Obama and The Whitehouse Plan to Kill CISPA


This is a bit of surprising news – actually, I suspect that there's some hidden political agenda behind this. But whatever the reason, the tables are turning on CISPA.  Unlike SOPA and PIPA, which seemed to get shot down just before getting passed, CISPA has come under fire from many officials.  The strange thing is that CISPA is aimed at hackers, not our wallets.  Either way, as a major threat to our privacy online, I think it's a good thing that people in power are starting to see the not just what CISPA aims to do, but what it could unintentionally cause.

Here are some articles from the news today


LA Times – Obama Sides with Privacy Advocates

IB Times – House Sponsors Realize CISPA Threatens Privacy

LA Times – House Cybersecurity Sponsors Respond to Privacy Concerns



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