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panda pow reviewPanda Pow is a pretty new VPN service on the scene, but it’s definitely one that caught my attention.  Aside from their sexy boobie-girl logo, it’s definitely the most user friendly VPN service I’ve ever used.

VPN are used by different kinds of people.

There’s a group of tech-nuts and conspiracy theorists that use VPNs for stuff like exchanging large files (probably porn and illegal movie/music/game/software downloads), conspiracy theorists worried about the government and their ISP spying on their internet activity (again, people into weird porn), and business types who work on the internet.

These guys know what PPTP, L2TP, SSL, IPSec, Cisco, packet sniffing, Firesheep, and all that other tech jargon means.

And then you’ve got the people who have no idea what this stuff is, and don’t care to learn about it.


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There are a lot of travelers who venture off into countries like China, Japan, Egypt, and other places that block perfectly harmless sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  There are Americans who live abroad for a year or two, or Brits that are working in The UK that just want to keep up on some of their favorite TV shows through site like Hulu and BBC iPlayer.

For these guys, they just want a simple solution to the issue of their IP address, and this is what Panda pow offers.  In about three clicks (Ok, don’t quote me, I don’t remember how many) you can get the VPN set up and running.

There is not choice between VPN protocols – you just choose how long you want to sign up for, click the logo of the operating system of your phone or computer (hopefully you can tell the difference between Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone), and you’re in.


Panda Pow Setup

1. Click appropriate Logo
2. Wait for Download to Finish
3. Double Click Folder
4. Hit “Next” a couple times
5. You Are Finished


Running Panda Pow

1. Double Click Panda Pow Icon
2. Click “Connect”
3. You Are Finished


As you can see, there is absolutely zero technical skill involved.

Ok, enough about how easy it is to set up. How much is this baby going to cost?

They’ve got a nice scaling price system, that’s simple to grasp.

  • $9 / 1 month
  • $24 / 3 months
  • $84 / 12 months

What’s so great about that? Well, if you break down the math…

  • $9 / month
  • $8 / month
  • $7 / month

USA, UK, and EU server locations available for all plans


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great customer serviceSimple, right?

They’re not the cheapest VPN service out there, but 80 dollars for a year of service is pretty standard for any VPN service that offers unlimited bandwidth, free server switching, and fast connection.

And I should note, that they’re certain not the most expensive either, as some VPN services charge $15-$20 dollars a month for similar packages.

Not only that, their staff is pretty cool, and keep a friendly, relaxed tone in their support emails.  Technology fails sometimes, and you’re probably going to run into some problem, somewhere down the line – it happens to everyone.


Video: Panda Pow Speed Test

Sorry for low quality audio. I was testing my new mic and dumb enough to not turn it on so it recorded from the laptop mic. I’ll update the video when I do the new review for 2013. Info is still good though, so worth a watch.


Having friendly, helpful staff member to get you through frustrating technology issues is important. As a user in China, and someone who’s use over 20 different VPN services, I know that staff members attitudes make a huge difference in customer experience.

China’s always trying to f* with the Internet, and even when I start freaking out that my VPN isn’t working, a VPN support staff can respond with anything from a chip on their shoulder, to just ignoring the email.  Panda Pow is friendly, quick, and efficient.

So for anyone looking for a VPN service to provide a modestly priced, fast VPN with easy setup, Panda Pow is a very smart choice.


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October 02, 2011

5/5 stars

VPN Service


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