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Pay For a VPN Account With Paypal

Paypal LogoI personally use Paypal because it's the most trusted online payment system on the web today.  It's now without it's problems, but they're mostly related to Paypal trying to protect the security and integrity of it's accounts and online reputation.  My account has been frozen more than once because I tried to access it with a foreign IP or hadn't verified some things about my personal address and bank details.

For some this may sound like a privacy invasion, but for me it's a reasonable method of verifying that I am who I am, and preventing abuse of Paypal, ensuring that I will be able to use and trust Paypal.


Paypal operates to varying degrees in over 100 countries, but what you're able to do with your Paypal account will vary based on which country you're in. For example, in some places you can send, receive, and withdraw only to US bank accounts, while others allow local country withdraws.  Some places in the world have a local site (ie not the US Paypal), while others don't.  Still other places don't have access to Paypal, so be sure to check up on what you can and can't do with this company.

That being said, there are also many horror stories to be wary of when using this company. Personally, I think they seem like an honest, well run business, but I can see where the horror stories come from.  Frozen accounts, overdraws from hacks, security problems, and 100% control of your money can put you in a bad situation if you're not careful.


But I still use Paypal, and millions of other people world wide do as well.  Most VPN services will accept Paypal, but VPN service providers are not immune to Paypal's antics, and more than once I've had stalled payments (from commissions here on the site) blamed on Paypal issues.

If this is your method of choice for paying for your VPN subscription, here's a list of VPN service providers that accept Paypal.


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My current VPN recommendations are HideMyAss and PureVPN!

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