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Pay For a VPN With Payza (formerly Alert Pay)

Payza LogoOne way to pay for a VPN account is through Payza.  Formally called Alert Pay, as of May 2012 they've changed their name, logo, and according to them, ‘nothing else'.  Why the change? No one has said for sure, but it may be because of some controversy about being used as a Payment option on child porn sites, their association with HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs), and other unscrupulous vendors.

I am a member of Payza now because I was previously an Alert Pay member, and I can't say anything great about their service.  I lost a bunch of money converting USD to GBP and back to USD because of a ridiculous system where my account was in USD, but to do an electronic transfer I had to use GBP, but my bank (being a US bank) must convert to USD when the  money arrives in my account.  Needless to say, $500 dollars disappeared from my account and no one wanted to take the blame.

Still, Payza is used a many more vendors than other well known online payment sites like Paypal, and it's much more convenient than even some credit card companies like VISA or Mastercard because you can pay INSTANTLY, without waiting for your bank to approved the online transaction.  Plus, there are far fewer instances of Payza freezing an account, unlike PayPal, which has actually sparked some users to start anti-Paypal websites.

Payza is currently available in 191 countries and 27 currencies, so it's reach is far and wide.

It's free to set up an account, so you can keep a minimum balance in there to pay for your VPN subscription should you choose Payza to open an account.

Here are some VPN services that use Payza, though you may see it still listed as AlertPay on some sites.

Or you can check out our list of Top 5 VPN Services World Wide for a few more options.

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