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Software to Change Your IP Address


Virtual IP Address


People use the internet for a wide range of things and as a consequence, governments and companies have tried to develop more effective ways to control the flow of information and to prevent the internet being used as a method of promoting violence and hate.

Because of some of these precautions, there have been associations made between people’s IP addresses and the things they do online, like what they post on blog websites or what they download. However, many times these associations are not true and they are part of the reason to look for software to change your IP address.

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Most homes have a static IP address, which means that your IP address is exactly the same when you connect to the internet now as it was two weeks ago. As well as this, your IP address provides some information about you, including what country you are in. Although it only gives an approximation of your physical location, sometimes the approximation is surprisingly accurate.


The static nature of most IP address has a number of implications. Firstly, it creates an online profile for you. This means that it doesn’t matter what you say your name or location is, the websites that you visit can work out your actual area. One example of this is online forums. While you can generally create multiple accounts on forums without a problem, if you are banned from the forum for any reason, even a misunderstanding, many will not let you create a new account using the same IP address.


Another thing about having a static IP address is companies that record your IP address as you go online. Google is one of the most prominent companies that does this, although there are a number of smaller marketing companies that also use the same approach.

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In the case of Google, what happens is that any time you do a search that uses Google’s search engine, the company records your searches and the IP address that was used. While many people believe that IP addresses, and the storage of such information is personal information, Google does not feel that this is the case.


However, you could find out a lot about someone from their browsing history, including their personality and thins that they might not want known. This is what makes software to change your IP address so appealing, such as a VPN. With this in place, the IP address that is being linked to your activity isn’t even your own, and you can change the IP address as well.


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