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Speefidy VPN Review

Speedify Review

Most of the good VPNs offer a good mobile app as well, but Speedify differs from them all in that it focuses primarily on mobile devices. Since the number of mobile users exceeds the number of PC users, and smartphones can help you perform all the main functions of a desktop, this is a smart move by Speedify. Their channel bonding feature is their hallmark as it improves speeds by bundling networks together. This US-based VPN service doesn’t offer a ton of extra features, but it focuses on speed and efficiency.

Pricing and Plans

Speedify Review Price

Speedify offers one plan for individual users.

  • 1 month – you get the full service for a monthly charge of $8.99
  • 1 year – you get the full service for one year for $4.17 per month billed $49.99 annually.

You can pay for Speedify using credit cards, PayPal, or through Amazon money.

Free trial and Money Back Guarantee

Speedify offers a free service as well. It gives you access to all the servers and all the other features. There is a cap on the bandwidth you can use, though. You get 1 GB data with the free plan. As for money back guarantee, Speedify offers a gracious 30-day money back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to test the service and see how good it is for yourself. If you’re not satisfied, you can request a full refund within the first thirty days.

Usage Experience

The Client

Speedify uses the same client for desktops and mobile devices. This might give them consistency, but desktop users don’t always like to use a limited client for their system. They do, however, have the option to maximize the client and see the second pane in the client. The UI is pretty neat, and the client works seamlessly. Setting up hardly takes any time from downloading to installing and connecting to the VPN.

Switching between servers is more tedious than it should be. You have to click on the settings cog and then go through the server list to choose one. The desktop client has the super secure mode for protection, but this will become default in the later versions. You can choose to automatically connect to P2P servers or the faster server based on your needs.

Servers and Speed

Speedify offers more than 1,000 servers in over 33 countries around the world. This isn’t the biggest global coverage, but it’s not small either. They have covered nearly all parts of the world and offer servers that can handle user traffic and provide them with fast and stable connections wherever they are.

When you use Speedify, your connection is secure. They keep you safe from IP and DNS leaks when you choose to do so. Yes, you can choose to turn off encryption when using Speedify as they feel not all users want an encrypting service and are only interested in IP obfuscation and good speeds. While Speedify provides these, it also has you covered in case you want to hide your online activity with strong encryption.

Connection speeds with Speedify are fairly decent. While the download speeds took a considerable toll, the upload speeds were markedly improved when tested with Speedify servers. US and UK servers fared better than other servers in both download and upload speeds owing to faster connection speeds in those locations. The results with Speedify weren’t the best by a long way, but they weren’t the worst either.

Privacy and Encryption

Speedify uses its own proprietary Speedify protocol to encrypt and secure user connections. The encryption is through AES 256-bit technology, on par with the best VPNs in the industry and up to speed with the current industry standards.

The fact that Speedify are based in the US might disconcert some users, but Speedify are pretty transparent when it comes to their privacy policy. They clearly state what they do and don’t record. For instance, they record the time you connected to the service, the place you connected from, the bandwidth you used in that connection, and the duration of the connection. They don’t track which websites you visited, what data you shared.

Extra Features

Speedify Review Features

Channel Bonding

This is the Speedify’s USP. They bundle different internet connections like your Wi-Fi and mobile network to give you constant and high-speed internet connectivity. You never have to be in those grey zones where your device shows it’s connected to the Wi-Fi, but there’s no internet. When you walk away from the range, your mobile data seamlessly takes over and gives you uninterrupted connectivity.

Super Secure Mode

This is a feature only in the Windows and Mac (desktop) clients. Enabling this feature in the client will give you protection from DNS and IP leaks and also offer an automatic kill-switch. The feature is in its beta and will become a default feature in the later versions of Speedify.

Customer Service

Speedify offers customer support in the form of email and a ticket system. There is no live chat, and the support isn’t 24X7. However, response times are short, and the responses are detailed. They maintain a detailed and attractive blog which covers all the usual issues, so that’s always a good place to start in case you run into trouble.

Speedify is a VPN service that focuses mainly on mobile devices and connection speeds. It does offer strong encryption and protection as well, but those aren’t its main areas of operation. With 1000 servers in 33 countries, P2P support, 5 simultaneous connections, and affordable service, they are an option worth considering for those who do not want to compromise on their speed at all and spend most of their time on their mobile devices. The 30-day money back guarantee is a huge bonus, and the service is overall pretty decent. The encryption is strong, and the service is reliable. While download speeds aren’t great, upload speeds improve a lot with Speedify, making it a good option for people like photographers who have to upload a lot of content of large size regularly.

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