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Steps to Setup VPN in Windows 8


windows 8


If you are arriving here from another post, looking for how to set up a PPTP VPN Connection, you can continue reading about setting up a VPN in Windows 8 or choose your operating system below. I have chosen Win 8 as the central page for this info because it's the newest operating system and biggest recent update to Windows, but I know many are still using XP (including my dad), and there are articles here on the topic.

PPTP VPN in Windows XP

PPTP VPN in Windows Vista

PPTP VPN in Windows 7 


Steps to Setup VPN in Windows 8:


Note: It is assumed you already have a Wi-Fi Internet Connection set in Windows 8 before proceeding with the steps. If not, set up a Wi-Fi Internet connection before proceeding.

  • Click in the lower left corner in your Metro Start Menu.
  • The Start Menu pops up, click on Search
  • Type VPN in the search box which brings Set up Virtual Private Connection option. If you do not see the VPN option, click on Settings in the Start Menu to reveal the option.
  • Click on Set up Virtual Private Connection
  • In the next window,  select Set an Internet Connection
  • In the next window, enter IP address and Destination name (Note:  The Destination name will be the name of your VPN connection. You can enter any name such as MyVPN in that field)
  • Tick the box “Allow other people to use this connection”, click on Next.
  • Enter your VPN login credentials, Username and Password; click on Create.
  • Click on Close
  • The VPN connection is now ready to use.

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