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Stream The Women’s Rugby World Cup From Any Country


If you have any kind of fascination with rugby at all, the IRB Women’s Rugby World Cup is worth your time. The world cup sees a contest of the top 12 female rugby teams in the world, competing with one another in Paris, France. The event runs from August 1 to August 17, 2014, with New Zealand as the defending champions.

Not only is the event exciting to watch in its own right, it also acts as a form of lead up to next year’s Rugby World Cup where the male teams play a similar competition.

Even though rugby isn’t a popular sport everywhere in the world, it is certainly a sport that is worth getting involved in. It’s also a chance to see women athletes working hard and doing well in this very challenging and competitive sport.

Watching the Women’s Rugby World Cup online is relatively easy if you are in a country that happens to stream it, but honestly, there are so many countries out there that don’t care about rugby and certainly don’t offer it up for streaming. You can try to watch streaming sports from a site in another country, but most of the time sites have regional restrictions that prevent you from doing this.

The trick to getting around the restriction is to make the site think that you are somewhere else. This works because any type of regional restriction uses your IP address to work out where in the world you are. The program that can help you do just this is called a VPN, short for Virtual Private Network.

VPNs are amazing tools. When you use one, you are connected to a secure network that helps to keep your information and your identity private from anyone who would want to compromise it.

The security advantages are one reason that people choose to use VPNs, but one of their more powerful features is their ability to mask your IP address with another one. Specifically, you end up looking like you have the IP address of the VPN router that you are connected with.

This is the power behind a VPN. If you pick a VPN connection that is in a country that is streaming what you are interested in, then you end up appearing to be in that country, and being able to access anything that people in that country can see. In the case of the Women’s Rugby World Cup, it is being streamed in a lot of countries, but one place you can look at it is through the ESPN network.

Picking a VPN

One of the challenges with a VPN is that there are so many different providers to choose from.

If you are trying to watch a game from a device, like a tablet or a smartphone, then your best bet is probably to go with a service called 12VPN. This is a particularly good service, and one that has many more options for what devices you watch it on.

However, my personal favorite is VyprVPN. This is a service that I have used extensively and it continues to be the best one out there. I have found this service to be very reliable even through turbulent events and they fast and effective support.

My current VPN Recommendation is VyprVPN! It's inexpensive, secure, and trustworthy, and they have one of the best mobile apps in the industry.

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