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The Great Cloud and VPN


You may not think cloud computing and VPNs are compatible. But a new trend in business combines ease of access cloud computing offers, and the security of a VPN. Hard wired networks are becoming obsolete and companies are looking for cost effective and reliable ways to offer their employees a secure connection.

Larger companies may have several locations, or employees may need to access the network on the road or in another country. Smaller companies using the cloud need security. No matter what size of company, even if it’s just you, a VPN can offer security and easy access to information.

It is common knowledge that countries like China restrict what their citizens can access on the internet, but did you know that the UK, US, and Canada have begun doing the same thing? Recently Google began rolling out a new policy (under the wire and very quietly) which restricts certain content based on where your ISP is located.

With a VPN you can easily beat this new infringement on free speech. For example if you have employees who travel overseas, they may not be able to access the virtual network because of country restrictions. With the cloud combined with a VPN, your employees can access the network no matter where they may be.

While access to information on your company’s cloud is vital to your business, security is another hot topic. More hackers, even ones who don’t really know what they are doing, have access to programs which making hacking very easy.

Unless you can have a secure connection across your cloud network, your company’s computer infrastructure is at risk. VPN’s not only give you anonymity, but also operate as encryption programs keeping your company’s sensitive information away from the threat of hackers.

In George Orwell’s novel 1984, Big Brother was watching everything. He was in the televisions, in the phones, on the street corners, spying on the populace and making sure they kept in line.

It has been said by those in law enforcement today that privacy is dead. Smart meters can tell how many people use your plumbing, OnStar can track your movements, and every phone has a GPS that can be tracked down to a few feet.

A VPN can give you a measure of security from prying eyes on the internet. While it won’t beat the NSA, it will keep anyone from stealing your private information such as your credit cards and personal information. You can even download a VPN on your mobile devices to keep them safe from hackers and other nosey folks.

Cloud computing is opening doors to network like never before. It is also opening up opportunities for hackers and prying eyes to infiltrate your company’s information and do extensive damage. If your business uses cloud computing, it is essential you invest in a high quality VPN to protect yourself.



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